When People Cry

Hoot Nanny

When people cry no one listens, no one cares, but when whales cry, an entire scientific community is ready at the helm to decipher the meaning. Perhaps if we spent more time and energy trying to decipher the sounds of Man, we would know more about ourselves, and then what ? We’d be horrified, the same way babies are horrified when enter the world beyond mummies tummy. But not for long as we learn to ignore the things we don’t like or agree with in hopes those things will just go away.

Exercise is an Art. Exercise involves more than just the exercising the body. Exercise open the mind and fills the spirit with life. Exercise heals the mind, body and spirit. Exercise should be fun, re-energizing and re-rehabilitating, the same way music is, which is why we dance to music.
For dance is a close as we can possibly get to heaven on earth. Of course fucking and surfing provide similar feelings of euphoria, but while surfing is an art and thus a dance of some sort, fucking is different, because when we fuck we are well … fucking things up, smashing and wrecking to obliterate. The thing is one can’t get properly into the proper state of fucking without dancing, for dancing is the foreplay. wtf …

Exactly, what the fuck am I talking about ? Not sure. “When people cry”
Live No Scrimmage
Paul Kempe
Sadly life is pretty simple.
Say it, get off your chest, get a load off and feel better. That’s what exercise does. Exercise throws off all the shit.


The Night The Lights Went Out in All of Japan

Total darkness is total silence

This is a short story about the night the lights went out in all of Japan, on March 11, 2011. It was a day and night that I will never forget. It was an awesome, and spectacular display of Mother Nature. No one was hurt in my neighborhood in Ofuna, Kamakura City. If you want to pass over the music go to 34 minutes. The music however is the best part. It’s more than meets the ear. It’s a process of learning and discovery… self esteem. It’s a conversation I have with myself. Talking to ones self is good, it’s like talking with god… ratta ta tat, pishhh.

Paul Kempe
Live No Scrimmage

Why we do it ?

Why we do it ? Why do we do anything ? The bottom line is that “we do it for love”. To care for, to be cared for, to respect, and to be respected, I always wondered why the words “respect” and “care” were not part of the definition of Love in the dictionary. Because in the end, true love really means to care for and respect, for it not than love is merely just a pleasure. That seems pretty shallow to me, and if the dictionary is right and that is what the majority of people think love is, then it’s no wonder society is the mess that it is, with everyone at each others throats.

So why do we do it ? Why do we go to work everyday, and struggle and fight ? We do it for our families, we do it for our children, and our friends and of course we do it for ourselves. Yes we must love and respect ourselves, in order to be truly at peace and content. I could say happy but happy is really the exclamation point at the end of being at peace and being content. The frosting on the cake. There is no frosting unless there is first a cake, or a bread. It is the salt and pepper on your steak. Happiness cannot be achieved unless there is first love in your heart.

So why are are so many not at peace when they are so loved by they’re wife, husband, children and friends, because we are greedy, blind, and ungrateful.
How do I know this ? Try thinking how you’d feel if god forbid, someone you love were suddenly no longer with us, passed away. Exactly, nothing else would matter, all of a sudden you’d realize how much time you wasted chasing things, and ideas that are not very important. Things like getting high, drinking, and getting stone. Even reading the newspaper and watching the news everyday would seem like a waste of time and energy.

As for myself, I ‘m no different than the rest of you, I struggle with my priorities everyday, which is why I can arrive at such ideas as this. My music may seem ridiculous, but I know that my music is my heart crying for love and so, I continue with it, but at the same time, I have family and friends who depend on me so I have to work. That I have any job, which is an opportunity is a blessing. It’s not the work that we do, that defines us, it is the ideas and thoughts we harbor in our heads. Nothing of value comes without paying some kind of tax, that is life, and it has been this way since the beginning of time, not just for humans, but for the birds, the bees, and the bear.

The trick is to know why you live, and once you answer this question correctly you will find life far more bearable, and even enjoyable. Life is truly what you make it. If your sad and fed up, than it’s within your power to change the way you feel. Changing your president will not help the majority of us, but changing our mind will.

In conclusion let me say that my point is this, “we do it for love”. Everyone swings for love.

Hmmm, that’s all a crock a shit. We are all no different than a fucking amoeba. We are here today for a very short while, and then we are gone, and someday this earth will be gone, and the sun will be gone. It’s the horrifying truth of the matter, and love is just the best game in town because love makes the medicine go down. The brighter your imagination of loves power the brighter your day. We are in fact delusional, and that’s what really separates man from the rest of the animal kingdom. lol


What the world needs now is love

What the world needs now

Paul Kempe “what the world needs now is love” no not just for some but for everyone, including Donald Trump. lol

I did this song in 2015, it was supposed to be my signature song. Regrettably like every other great thing I promised to do in life, failed to stay with it, and dropped the ball. That said, the game ain’t over till it’s over, so I’m posting this as a reminder to self to get it done, because it is a definitely a good sound. I totally like it.

Paul Kempe, Live No Scrimmage

paul kempe: live no scrimmage

Paul Kempe: Live No Scrimmage
Something about Love, and how it’s criminal to say you love someone yet never do anything for them. recorded October 23, 2019

Start with love
Start by loving yourself

Today October 27, 2019
I’m reporting that my wife who never leaves her office for lunch (yes she’s nuts) walked to Wholefoods yesterday to get her own lunch, by herself. It’s a huge step toward the light that my wife most surely needs. Especially when just a seven weeks ago she was hospitalized with a bleeding aneurysm, and just a month ago had the brain of a three year old. I have witnessed miracles, but this one takes first prize. She’s a workaholic who was taught by her mother that money was the most important thing in life. This is not fair to say about her mother, who didn’t no any better and was born and lived in a different time, a time when Japan was struggling as a nation to go through national rebirth in the skin of capitalism.

Live No Scrimmage

Mans Best Friend

Contrary to what you have heard, mans best friend is not a dog, perhaps a woman’s best friend is a dog when she can’t find a man good enough to satisfy her, but a mans best friend is the Pussy. Some people say puzzy, and others have other names they call it or her, but for the sake of this writing it is a Pussy. A warm and seductive Pussy is the gift that god gave all women. Without it, man would wonder the world aimlessly looking for a place to plant his tree, and nothing of value would get done. The world would be a mess. The reason that society has some semblance of harmony is because men and women are bound at the genitals.

Behind every great man is a great Pussy, a woman who gives her man a reason to come home, and a reason to keep coming home. Take away the puzzy, then you may as well say good bye to your man. I don’t care how much man loves his female friend, companion or spouse, if she doesn’t offer up the pussy, he’s gone. I know cuz I have been there. I endured eight sexless years with my wife who I still love so very much, before I left her for another woman. It was and remains the most painful decision I have ever made, but would make that same choice again, and again and again. Of course not any pussy will do, a great man needs indeed a kind, pleasant, loving, caring, and reasonable woman to wear that pussy. Good pussy with a bad attitude is bad puzzy, and detrimental to a mans well being.

It matters less what a women looks like, than how she treats you, and how she treats you will dicktate how you treat her, and others around you. A great woman supports her man, loves her man and appreciates her man, and a good man will naturally want to return those same favors.
This is in the end is what becomes the cables that join man and woman in Love. There are many kinds and degrees or levels of love, but the one that envelopes a man and woman in Love is the most special and unique. I have found that kind of love (thank god) and because of that love I can dream, and fight for the things I value in life. Things like sobriety, good health (physical and mental) and economic prosperity. Yes people behind all good deeds, are good women who freely and merrily give up the pussy. Pussy is a mans first and foremost place of refuse, he will do nearly everything and anything for a loving and caring woman.

Man are born from pussy, and it’s pussy that sustains us. Make no mistake about it. If a relationship is not working it’s because either the man is too dumb to know how to make it work, because he knows too little about life, or the woman refuses to love him, and to love means to fuck. She may not always want too or like it, but if she really really loves her man she will do it with a smile.

That my friends is simply how the world works. This is a mans perspective and this is a mans world. It’s a mans world, make no mistake about that too, and every and any good woman will acknowledge this. Why because this is a force of nature and nature cannot be kept in a bottle.

Peace. Whew ! God bless the woman who serves up the pussy with a smile. Which is why even a whore house makes a better home than the home many men are forced to live in everyday with a spouse who does not offer up the pussy like it was the greatest show on earth.
If your not happy, check yourself first to make sure all your boxes are checked off, if they aren’t get them checked off, after you have checked yourself than check your woman. Always check yourself first, because nine times out of ten, the man is missing a few ingredients. This is not only the case with relationships between lovers, but with all people. 90% of the time it’s us not the world that’s wrong but the way we look it. Our attitude shapes our perception.

Why? Cuz this is what I do. I’m a fifty nine year old man, who answers to no one but himself and with myself I’m brutally honest. I’m not a perfect man nor do I have all the answers, but a woman is as close to perfect as life can get, and there is a good start.

Life really is an amazing thing.


We are all slaves here

We are all slaves to the image we think we need to keep. None of us can afford to tell you how he really feels and thinks without some kind of backlash, except for the artist. the real, true blue artist, who’d rather be poor bouncing from couch to couch than fall in line with the rest of the banal assholes and elbows.

We are all slaves to the machine, the machine of evolution. It can’t be turned off. This machine is what drives human need and desire, which is why there will never be a cure for avarice. Everyone wants to get high, and feel good, and the only way to do that is to stay busy, keep your eye on the prize, have a dream, and have something to take your mind off of the things you don’t want to think about.

We are delusional, we con ourselves into getting on in the program, and our entire society is built around keeping us in the game. Hence the winners and the losers in the world.

It sounds awful, and impossible to break free from these shackles, but there is a way, and I know the way. I have been there, and there is where I’m going to return. But for today all I want to do is bury myself between my wife’s legs.


meeting the devil

paul kempe “live no scrimmage” august 28, 2019. Meeting the devil

Better to know the devil when your young so that you have time to recover and find Jesus again. sleep aid for insomniacs, easy listening stupid shit, cure for insomnia.

pseudo academic noise

Ain’t No Tellin by Paul Kempe

Ain’t no tellin what you might do when your cooped up in your room, no money, no job and the rents do. Ain’t no tellin when that end of world shit hit in your face, like mace and you feel your no longer part of the human race. Ain’t no tellin. Paul Kempe, Live No Scrimmage

Life’s Gift

Let’s Groove

True happiness is… Life’s gift is our ability to move, and speak freely, which is why prison is a form of punishment. These days more and more, I measure my wealth by the state of my health. There is no one pill cure all in life. The trick is the mix a good stew of various ingredients. Walking, talking, dancing, calisthenics, singing, playing, eating, hell even smoking and drinking in some shape or form has it’s place, like chili peppers, just a dash will do. The catalyst that holds all this together is love. Without love in some shape or form the above have no meaning, and well, you may as well be dead. You gotta love something, or someone in order to survive. The more you love the happier you are I guess. Love can get you through a ruff day. Love is the reason you get up and go to work in the morning.
Half the time I don’t know what I’m talking about. Forgive me.
paul kempe
live no scrimmage
have a good day

Battle of The Cranium

Paul Kempe now Showing at the GDCA Gallery, S. Spring St. Downtown Los Angeles

Left: Battle of The Cranium, Rigth: Dancing Out of Africa (though that name has been changed more than once) by Los Angeles based artist / motivational speaker Paul Kempe. live no scrimmage

Mentally Challenged Men Dos

Mentally Challenged Men dos

Recorded Sunday August 18, 2019 at a Park in Downtown Los Angeles in the morning.
2 Mentally Challenged Men making a rap song. by Paul Kempe and Another Man whose name we don’t know, but who appeared to be in his late 50’s and had a severe toenail fungus problem. He was in otherwise good health, and spirits, though clearly he was short of change. He claimed to be bipolar to which I responded “you and half the entire US population, including myself”.

paul kempe
live no scrimmage
peace out

Luck Run Out

When Your Luck Run Out

Playing in the park is so much more of a colorful experience than playing in your room.
You will push yourself and stretch your mind far more, and you’ll play longer too. It really is a weird trip, and now I’m addicted. Here is one little song that I did today.
paul kempe
live no scrimmage
practice !!! ?

The World Is Yours

The World is Yours

The world is yours, as long as you have the essentials like good health, healthy food to eat, a and comfortable place to sleep. From that point there is nothing to stop you from achieving your goals in life, but you yourself. I could have easily been very wealthy and own a ton useless shit, but I chose a different path. It’s all a question of priorities.
Good Day
Paul Kempe
live no scrimmage
And yea, fuck socialism, it doesn’t work, and will never work, because evolution doesn’t have concept of what’s fair, but only who comes out on top. The only good thing about being at the bottom is that you have someplace to aspire to.