Pseudo Academic Noise

No Fear No Fear by Paul Kempe

Once I was a junkyard dog, muzzled and tied to a tree, wondering what and who was oppressing me. Back against the wall one day it occurred to me, throughout history fear was getting the best of me, coulda, shoulda, woulda, a record meant to be broken, fast is the past, do the math, choose the right path, today is the future, hesitate and they’ll shoot ya” lyrics from my song titled “no fear, no fear” 

“Live No Scrimmage” It’s all live. Practice is a word used to absolve one’s self of the fear of making mistakes, but the mistakes are indeed what is required as part of the creative process. It all counts for something, don’t throw it away, or dismiss it as just practice, doing so only means you gave half your life no credit. For me it’s all live, and that makes for a much more dramatic and exciting life. 

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My name is Paul Kempe, nice to meet you ! : )