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Those That Win vs Those That Lose

Paul Kempe January 18, 2020 Album

First of all one must define what winning means to them, and if your satisfied continue reading. Winning for me, means first making sure the ladies are happy and healthy, secondly making a lot of money (which I have been doing lately, see ) for the ladies, thirdly taking care of my mind, body and soul, and finally tending to my art, which at this current time is centered around music.

Now here is the difference between ordinary folks and those that are successful, and or the difference between those that win vs those that lose. Now when I say lose I’m not saying that if your not a winner that your a loser, but instead that your not winner, and thus you will be relegated to the life of ordinary, which if your sane and healthy is not a bad thing, in fact it’s pretty cool, being ordinary is a relief, it’s an easier course.

So I bought a pair of ordinary, nondescript “Dr Martins” leather shoes on Christmas eve because I need something other than my Nike tennies when I go out, which I never do, so what the fuck. It was Christmas eve. I had already walked a few miles from Hollywood up Sunset boulevard when I came across the shoe store. I looked in and saw the shoes that I would like to wear, tried them on and walked out with them on, after paying of course, and continued my journey home to downtown Los Angeles where I dwell, on a lot sit. I was about another mile before I would reach my destination. After just three blocks I could feel the right shoe starting to cut into heel, fuck. Another hundred yards or so the left shoes was starting to cut me up as well. I considered turning around and returning the shoes, but I really liked the shoes and despite them cutting me up, they were a good fit. I also considered taking the Dr Martins off and putting my tennis shoes back on for the duration of the hike, but decided against it because I was like, these are my new shoes, and it’s Christmas eve, and I want to look good. My father had told me many times when I was growing up that “it hurts to be beautiful” so hey, this is part of the process, I wanna, and I’m gonna look good. By the time I reached Fleming’s Steakhouse at 3:30 ish in the afternoon, my socks were a bloody mess, but I did not let that stop me from having a good time, and I great time I did have. Everyone was happy, and everyone was buying me drinks, what’s up with that, I was the life of the party, don’t ask me, the bartender said he was sorry to see me leave. After leaving Fleming’s I went home, dropped off my guitar, and went back out to see what more fun I could get into, with my Dr Martins on, bloody socks and all.

The next day there was a stiff price to pay, my cut up feet could get no relief, not while wearing my usually perfectly comfortable Nike’s and not even when I went to sleep at night because when ever my feet touched the sheet it stung. This went of for a few days. I told my mother, and my wife about the shoes and how they cut me up, and they both insisted that I take them back, but I said “no way, I’m gonna break these shoes in if it’s the last thing I do. It’s been almost three weeks since I bought the shoes and I have started wearing them around my apartment, and on short walks to the coffee shop, and to the grocery store, and today I can report with a smile that the shoes no longer hurt and in fact they are as comfortable as I thought when I first tried them on in the store. And that is the difference between the ordinary and those that are extraordinary, the extraordinary don’t quit if they deem what it is they are fighting for is worth it, and these Dr Martins shoes were worth it. Pay me Dr Martins.

My music is no different than those Dr. Martins, it’s been worth the journey, I’m not where I want to be at my final destination, but the progress has been worth every minute. And it’s like this with all things worth having. No pain, no gain, it’s more than a cliche I promise, it’s the truth.

Dr Martins Shoes pants by Nomads Coat

Dr Martins shoes go great when paired with pants from nomads coat . Speaking of Nomads Coat, I’m currently trading stocks in order to save some money so that I can start that I can get that company going again, though right now I already have enough on my plate for one man. But if I can save some bread, I will be able to hire an assistant, and that will be enough to get things moving again. All the research and development has been done, so all I need now is a few extra buckskies.

Paul Kempe
Live No Scrimmage

Album content includes aside from Paul Kempe music, the value of a woman to a man, and how getting high in excess turns you into a narcissist

Let your nuts sag

Paul Kempe’s 100% cotton suits, for Nomads Coat, doing Calisthenics and dancing in the streets of downtown LA. Nomads Coat produces the best lounge wear, pajamas, gardening pants, and dope coats in the world. We also sell the best fitting pants in the world for big asses, that allow your nuts to sag (drape down low). For Work, Play and Siesta

fitness for seniors

Calisthenic for old people, by Paul Kempe,
or “Cali Tai Chi”
Fitness for old people
fitness for seniors
The golden years
or “Worlds dumbest video”
it was a good day, not all my days are this awesome
paul kempe’s 100% cotton suits, for

Cali Sthenics

What a process. From the day I arrived a week ago on Sunday, till today. Huge emotional swings from north, south, east and west. But in the end my creative side won the day, or should I say “the week”. I’m very happy now to be once again living in Los Angeles. I’m just gonna keep moving. I’m mot gonna let ugly thoughts get a grip on me. I’m old, so what, that ain’t stop nobody. As long as I’m moving I’m alive, and in that regard no different than anyone else.

Yesterday I walked around all morning, shot all these clips with my phone and put this video together. Most of it was filmed at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles, and on Olympic Blvd not far from the Ramada Hotel across the street from 7-11.

The suit I’m sporting is the same suit I’ve been wearing everyday since I got here. The suit is provided by Nomads Coat produced and designed by Paul Kempe (forgive me, I need to get the SEO bullsit in here). Looks pretty good right. Paul Kempe’s 100% Cotton Suits, “Get More Out of Life”.