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Painting is what really inspired me to ask more questions, read more books, and think more deeply about life and the world around me. I started painting in 2001 during which time I was unable to drink my weekends away because I had contracted Hepatitis C. I cured the hep C, and became an artist. I guess it was a blessing in disguise. Life is amazing

Ain’t No Tellin by Paul Kempe

Ain’t no tellin what you might do when your cooped up in your room, no money, no job and the rents do. Ain’t no tellin when that end of world shit hit in your face, like mace and you feel your no longer part of the human race. Ain’t no tellin. Paul Kempe, Live No Scrimmage

The Prison of My Mind

Have you ever tried to escape the prison of your own mind, I have tried and failed except when I was drunk and on drugs. When I’m sober I often can’t stand myself, I want out but there is no out, until the music stops. People think they know what other people go through, but they are fucking delusional, for they know as much about me as I about them, which is nothing. The keyboard and violin is myself. I’m self taught from the age of fifty. You might think it’s shit, while I on the other hand think it’s pretty good. It has an energy and color that truly expresses the way I feel. The video is purposely long and minimal, which is really what the prison of my mind is like.

PS. I know I’m not the only one

The Bull Wins

paul kempe art  "The Bull Wins" 48 x 60 inch oil on canvas 2005
The Bull Wins 48 x 60 inch oil on canvas 2005 by paul kempe

I always wish the bull wins, but he seldom does

Modern Transportation

Paul Kempe art "Modern Transportation"
“Modern Transportation” 60 x 72 inch acrylic on canvas 2005 by Paul Kempe