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Paul Kempe art. This journal is where I document my thoughts and feelings. It’s serves the purpose to exercise my brain, and relieve stress, while entertaining myself and anyone else who might be interested in what I have to say. I make this public in the name of art (the proverbial “get out of jail free” card), out of love for life and my brother man. I sometimes get a little too serious, and pardon me. Sometimes I think I know best, and I know better than that.

Downtown Los Angeles Paul Kempe March 1, 2020

Paul Kempe using my SLR for the first time in two years walking around downtown Los Angeles feeling indifferent and disengaging. March 1, 2020. It was a cold day, and I was alone, I’m always fucking alone, and it’s nobodies fault but my own. I made my bed.

Sad Music

Sad Music Day, Feb 8, 2020 Paul Kempe

You ever stop to listen to what people are talking about as they walk by? I do, and it’s always the same ole conversation about work, texts, emails, getting someone to do this and that, getting ahead, going somewhere, very seldom does anyone say anything colorful. It sounds like everyone is having the same conversation. Even guys now talk valley, trying to be persuasive, soft, and sympathetic. I’m not knocking it, I’m just saying, like it’s a loop and everyone is in the same loop. What amazes me more is some people will go through severe pain for months at a stretch to get back in it, for one last crack and what? I’m 59 and I have seen and done it all, there is nothing else left but to press the replay button, and I’m not too sure I would endure months of pain for more of the same. All the chatter about nothing. I was never a religious person, but I will say this, that at least religion is poetic, and colorful, and makes one think. “Send me and email, and I will text you”. Ok, it’s like the most difficult thing to do is to not care, and get out of the loop. Sad Music.

Paul Kempe
live no scrimmage

Spirits Live

Paul Kempe February 2, 2020

I have said before when I went to visit my father in the hospital, while he was recovering from some kind of problem with blood clots. Your going to be OK, I can see it your eyes, your season to fall off the tree has not yet come. Your spirit is alive and well. Sure enough he did recover never again to return to the hospital for those same or related reasons. I had never experienced this kind of thing before, like visiting someone who was very sick in the hospital, so where I got that idea from that the spirit dies before the body, I don’t know, I think that it’s something instinctual that we all know when we see it.

A few days ago my wife looked at me on Skype and said, I don’t think so, I don’t you are going to die from this whatever it is you are suffering from. “I don’t see it” were her exact words. How does she know? It’s instinctual. I didn’t believe her, but today a few days later, I think she might very well be right, because I don’t see it or feel it either. Sure I have some serious medical issues, but my spirit is still very much alive, and happy for it. I’m just toooo motherfucking happy to be ready to let go of the branch. Believe me I often think that I have had enough of this merry go round, so perhaps going home would be a relief but for some strange reason despite all that is ailing me, I just don’t think it’s my season. This could change in time and one day it will for sure, as it will for all of us someday, but not for me today.

The people at Starbucks on Olive and Olympic are so cool, so kind, so friendly. They really made my day. As do some to the people who I have come know a little at wholemotherfuckingfoods. These young people who treat me fairly with kind smiles and words are a gift, and a reason to carry on. We are all looking for warmth, and kindness of heart, in the end it is the only thing that matters. I believe that if we have this kind of attitude we hold the keys to fortune, in some shape or form. In the end this is what social media is really for.

Paul Kempe
Live No Scrimmage

Audio Sleep Aid

paul kempe mp3 January 29, 2020

A good audio sleep aid constitutes a sound that is not unpleasant that is not telling you what to do, be or see. No that’s not true, well maybe not entirely, cuz when we hear a bird it sounds pleasant, but the bird might be saying, “fuck me in the ass”.

In the event one is offended because I proclaim that sunshine comes out of a man’s dick, well, that’s not entirely accurate either. That said since I take sunshine into my body through the skin … Never mind. Fuck it, if you can’t see glory coming out of a mans dick when it orgasms … Life is a fucking orgasm for crying out loud, one big happy party. Orgasm. Fuck I walk around the neighborhood dancing in the sunshine, running around, to and fro the YMCA, the wholemotherfuckingfoods, Starbucks (Olive and Olympic) and it’s an orgasm. Life is too motherfucking short to confine the feeling of an orgasm, or relegate it to such a small part of your life. At least that’s the way I see it. That’s why I dance in the street. Time is a wasting. Where did we learn all this compartmentalization from. It’s important sure, but we over do it I think, and we are not as free as we could be. There seems to be room for great improvement in the efficiency of which we appropriate our time. Most of us spend the best part of every day (morning) rushing off to work for something or someone rather than taking to time to work for ourselves. To go to the YMCA, write, compose wonderful music, stretch, breathe, walk, dance, jog is an investment in oneself which is a positive for everyone.
Both our good and our bad energies are contagious. Imagine going to work everyday at 11:00 am and finishing 8:00 pm. It’s all good right, you can go straight to where ever you go for entertainment cuz you have already taken care of all the things you needed to take care of in the morning. Less stress. People are sad because they feel they haven’t lived up to there own expectations, but what really are those expectations, when is the last time we have consulted with ourselves. What is the reality vs the reality in my head. The reality in our head is software that requires updating, but since we’re not connected to the internet, we can’t download the update, so we must make the update consciously.

my sanity’s wearing thin
judging by the condition I’m in
I don’t know where to begin
I could start by not smoking marijuana every day
But I did find a very nice sativa yesterday which really keeps my up
So what to do.
Lets start a T-shirt company
It will be so much fun, pissing people off

Have a good day !
Aloha from Los Angeles
The weather is so nice today, January 30, 2020
Mornings in LA are the coolest
Why do I not live near the beach
LA morning cool
LA cool

Paul Kempe
Live No Scrimmage
audio sleep aid

Hell after writing this post, I felt a sort of orgasm, a tremor, a dose of satisfaction. Satisfaction right, that’s it. Satisfaction is different than an orgasm, right ? The satisfaction of an itch.

The Golden Fro (Afro)

January 28, 2020 8:00 pm Paul Kempe, “live no scrimmage”

The Golden Fro (Afro)
The other day I was walking through Pershing Square, my favorite park, one of many favorites I have enjoyed in my long arduous life. I think parks are the best, especially the ones with few features that would normally attract lots of people. A good park for me, is one that is quiet, and sparsely populated. Big empty spaces like the courtyard at the Cathedral of Our Lady of The Angels is good examples of a wonderful minimal open space. It’s must see, and visit frequently when in need of gratitude for the good fortune God has bestowed upon us. If you walk to get there, your better for it.

So a young man is walking through Pershing Square and the the golden sun is coming out of his head. As we crossed paths, I told him so, and he smiled knowingly. He medium cut Afro was dyed a very nice gold. It really was the appropriate description. I love the sun, sometimes I call it by the name of God.
He was a lucky man, and he knew it. Young with his whole life ahead of him and a head beaming energy into the universe.
The Gold Afro was The Sunshine Coming Out of The Man’s Head, which led to a new song which I sang confidently as if I had given birth to a new hit single.
Sunshine coming out of your head
Sunshine from your heart
Sunshine from your lips
Sunshine on your head
Sunshine on your boobies
Sunshine on your booty
Sunshine coming out your dick
Just a another crazy person in downtown Los Angeles, isn’t it great, nobody gives a shit, cuz everyone else is too busy chasing they’re own tails. Cats on catnip.

Stupid Humor
For some reason today it occurred to me that
“My sanity is wearing thin
and I don’t know where to begin”
I mentioned this to a woman that sits out in front of the same building every day, Monday through Saturday in the jewelry district, doing what I’m not sure, perhaps enjoying the scene, but she got a good laugh, and that made me feel especially great. The line is really just the start of a new song or part of a song that I started and haven’t finished.

A very attractive woman was crossing 5th on Olive, a professional, and a real looker. A blind man wearing a suit with a dog was standing next to me while I admired Barbie as she wiggled across the street, and I told him that this a woman even he can see. He had a good laugh too, and I felt great once again.
He said he like my humor.

At 59 years old if I can’t at least be funny sometimes, than I failed the school of life.

paul kempe
live no scrimmage
the golden fro


What is our purpose January 23, 2020

Liberty is something we experience when we are able to hear and or listen to our primitive yearnings and desires. We don’t necessarily have act on them, but it’s nice to be able to know them, so as to better understand ourselves in today’s enviroment.

Paul Kempe
Live No Scrimmage
January 23, 2020

The man and the dragon fly

Paul kempe January 19, 2020

Life is a movie, Life’s a movie a movie that plays before our very eyes. We are the creator and director. If you don’t like what your seeing, change the picture.

The man and dragon fly
The man is running
The man is running through the field
Something chasing him and he chasing something
The dragon fly is marking time
There is a vibration a sort of buzz
A harmony of some sort
The man is running
The man is always running
Running out of time
Like the butterfly

My muse

Paul Kempe
January 19, 2020
Live No Scrimmage

Regarding yesterdays post, was toooo long.
In summery it should have just said:
Patience is a virtue.
Most of my lost opportunities were lost because I lost patience. I couldn’t gut it out when monotony set in, I was unable to over come the dark before the dawn.
Thee miracle is that negative thoughts are far fewer than the positive thoughts, and I guess that’s because our nature requires us to be positive in order to survive and prosper, which is part of the evolutionary process.
But I will say one thing, if you are beautiful, life is easier.
I guess that’s part of the evolutionary process too.
I’m an ugly mother fucker, so I know, but perhaps that’s just one perception.
We really don’t know till walk in that other mans shoes.

Our thoughts control our destiny.
The power of thought and visualization is one of the least talked about tools in the chest.

Help Wanted
I need a really good assistant, someone who can do light editing, operate an SLR camera, and manage the website and social media content. Lets make some motherfooking money. Some Conor McGregor mone. Say what you will about him, and I have called him a punk, not to his face of course, but that motherfooker is enormously successful, and I hope to someday earn an opportunity to have a friendly glass of whisky with the man. That guy motherfooking made it big time on shear guts, energy and perseverance. Truly a great story. The other thing I wanna do is earn the opportunity to be a guest on the Breakfast Cub. Why, would that ever happen, and the answer is because I think I’m almost worthy, those people are my kindred brothers. They people who worked hard, and succeeded.

Hard work, will improve your sex life, because when one has a spirit for working hard, they also have that same tendency for playing and loving hard. That’s why I’m always working, whether on my art, money, or my mind, body and soul, because in the end all that amounts to is good sex, and lasting love.

Paul Kempe
Live No Scrimmage

Those That Win vs Those That Lose

Paul Kempe January 18, 2020 Album

First of all one must define what winning means to them, and if your satisfied continue reading. Winning for me, means first making sure the ladies are happy and healthy, secondly making a lot of money (which I have been doing lately, see ) for the ladies, thirdly taking care of my mind, body and soul, and finally tending to my art, which at this current time is centered around music.

Now here is the difference between ordinary folks and those that are successful, and or the difference between those that win vs those that lose. Now when I say lose I’m not saying that if your not a winner that your a loser, but instead that your not winner, and thus you will be relegated to the life of ordinary, which if your sane and healthy is not a bad thing, in fact it’s pretty cool, being ordinary is a relief, it’s an easier course.

So I bought a pair of ordinary, nondescript “Dr Martins” leather shoes on Christmas eve because I need something other than my Nike tennies when I go out, which I never do, so what the fuck. It was Christmas eve. I had already walked a few miles from Hollywood up Sunset boulevard when I came across the shoe store. I looked in and saw the shoes that I would like to wear, tried them on and walked out with them on, after paying of course, and continued my journey home to downtown Los Angeles where I dwell, on a lot sit. I was about another mile before I would reach my destination. After just three blocks I could feel the right shoe starting to cut into heel, fuck. Another hundred yards or so the left shoes was starting to cut me up as well. I considered turning around and returning the shoes, but I really liked the shoes and despite them cutting me up, they were a good fit. I also considered taking the Dr Martins off and putting my tennis shoes back on for the duration of the hike, but decided against it because I was like, these are my new shoes, and it’s Christmas eve, and I want to look good. My father had told me many times when I was growing up that “it hurts to be beautiful” so hey, this is part of the process, I wanna, and I’m gonna look good. By the time I reached Fleming’s Steakhouse at 3:30 ish in the afternoon, my socks were a bloody mess, but I did not let that stop me from having a good time, and I great time I did have. Everyone was happy, and everyone was buying me drinks, what’s up with that, I was the life of the party, don’t ask me, the bartender said he was sorry to see me leave. After leaving Fleming’s I went home, dropped off my guitar, and went back out to see what more fun I could get into, with my Dr Martins on, bloody socks and all.

The next day there was a stiff price to pay, my cut up feet could get no relief, not while wearing my usually perfectly comfortable Nike’s and not even when I went to sleep at night because when ever my feet touched the sheet it stung. This went of for a few days. I told my mother, and my wife about the shoes and how they cut me up, and they both insisted that I take them back, but I said “no way, I’m gonna break these shoes in if it’s the last thing I do. It’s been almost three weeks since I bought the shoes and I have started wearing them around my apartment, and on short walks to the coffee shop, and to the grocery store, and today I can report with a smile that the shoes no longer hurt and in fact they are as comfortable as I thought when I first tried them on in the store. And that is the difference between the ordinary and those that are extraordinary, the extraordinary don’t quit if they deem what it is they are fighting for is worth it, and these Dr Martins shoes were worth it. Pay me Dr Martins.

My music is no different than those Dr. Martins, it’s been worth the journey, I’m not where I want to be at my final destination, but the progress has been worth every minute. And it’s like this with all things worth having. No pain, no gain, it’s more than a cliche I promise, it’s the truth.

Dr Martins Shoes pants by Nomads Coat

Dr Martins shoes go great when paired with pants from nomads coat . Speaking of Nomads Coat, I’m currently trading stocks in order to save some money so that I can start that I can get that company going again, though right now I already have enough on my plate for one man. But if I can save some bread, I will be able to hire an assistant, and that will be enough to get things moving again. All the research and development has been done, so all I need now is a few extra buckskies.

Paul Kempe
Live No Scrimmage

Album content includes aside from Paul Kempe music, the value of a woman to a man, and how getting high in excess turns you into a narcissist

Good Books for Young People

Paul kempe mp3 January 11, 2020

Good books are difficult to find, like looking for a dime in the ocean sometimes it seems, but last night I stumbled upon such a book titled “Exhalation” by Ted Chiang. I have only read the sample so far, but surely will buy it today and read the book in it’s entirety. I say it’s a good book for young people because the stories provide hope and inspiration, of which all of us, young and old can never have enough.
Life is precious, life is malleable.
The mp3 is just out put, for which makes me feel productive. I’m not the idiot that I make myself out to be. The view I have of myself is often very negative, and I often have to pinch myself in order to snap out of it. I’m actually a really good person and really good energy. So I wonder where this negative view of myself comes from. It really is very weird. Perhaps growing up I really was an idiot, and a jerk at times, and I have yet to forgive myself.

On that note, I say “good day” to all.
Paul Kempe
Live No Scrimmage
The Daily Blunt

Paul Kempe: Live No Scrimmage Jan 10, 2020

Live No Scrimmage January 10, 2020

She’s a person, someones daughter.
Nothing worth anything in life is free.
The time to develop healthy habits is when your young. Working hard is a healthy habit. The more you put in the more you get out of anything that you do. The older you get the more difficult habit making becomes, and the faster one fades from relevance.
How we do things, is more important than what we do.
In the end, life is pretty simple, the harder and longer you work the more you will prosper. In order to work long and hard, you must find a way to like what you do, eat right, and exercise. Exercise meaning to move around, walk, dance, whatever but keep moving, physically and mentally and in the end you will find what you are looking for even if you don’t know what your looking for. Because in the end, if your moving and thinking and thinking, your one of the lucky ones. It’s not what you own, hell your happiness is my happiness.

Word of the day:
Guy studying English in Korea says he has a new word. He says he’s “dumbfounded” because his wife is lazy and doesn’t cook so he needs to cook for the both of them. I told my wife, who is in the same class with him, to tell him he was “bamboozled”.
I was surprised to find “bamboozled” in the thesaurus under “dumbfounded”. 

My wife asks me what I think of the word “Hubby”, and I say it’s more casual than “Husband” less severe, and upon looking for more words in Thesaurus .com I discover the word “helpmate”. Ha ha. My wife once told me I was handy. Yep ! helpmate, better than “uselessmate”.

Paul Kempe
Live No Scrimmage
January 10, 2020

Brainstorm: Jan 7, 2019

I should call my mother, I’m too lazy. She’s a person, that woman who is my wife that I like to bone is a person. She is more than an object of sexual pleasure. My brain is melting. Sad, lonely, tired, and my stomach is full of gas. I don’t sleep well. I need to still my mind.

paul kempe

Paul Kempe: Walking Music

Paul Kempe, walking music, tai chi music December 22, 2019

Paul Kempe, Walking Music.
I create the music in the morning while drinking my Starbucks Dopio Espresso, and when I’m done, I go outside for a walk with my headset on, and dance in the streets. It’s so cool, I have so much fun, it should almost be a crime. If you don’t wanna use this for your walking or you tai chi, you can use it to help you get to sleep.
Today’s music is some of the best I ever did, on the piano (keyboard).
It’s therapeutic.

Babies cry with all they’re might. A Chinese Uber driver shared that with me last night. I had never heard it put to me that way before, but indeed that’s what babies do then they cry. He said his two year old is addicted to YouTube. She likes watching other babies. He said his one year old can also use a phone and navigate to YouTube. Amazing.

I still think meditation is the biggest scam going. It is totally fucking impossible to stop thinking, and feeling unless you fucking passed out from too much booze and drugs. But it is nice to slow down enough to feel the enviroment hum around you, and to feel yourself purr like a kitty cat under a ray or winter morning sun, while drinking a coffee.
I have never meditated a minute in my life, and I’m one of the happiest healthiest people on the planet. I’m 59.

Babies cry with all they’re might. So true, like the tree seedling sprouting through the crust of the earth. It’s a matter of survival.

What else is there, that I was thinking about this week. Oh yeah, sobriety rocks, but sometimes it’s boring. Gotta push through those moments, and then your Ok again until the next doldrums.

Recently I have been paying more attention to the sky, and taking note of the different looks throughout the day.

I notice that very few people look at the sky. They stand at a traffic signal waiting for the walk sign, staring straight ahead thinking of what ? Seems like brainwash syndrome. Everyone is programmed to focus on what other people do.
I hear people say that people are social creatures and need other people, but the more I think about it, the more I think it’s just a cliche. We were taught to believe we are social animals. Sure a small tribe would be helpful on the the Steppe while traveling, but in today’s day and age, fuck we have everything we fucking need at our fingertips.
Perhaps we are just waaaaaaay moooorreee social than we need to be, how about them apples.

Babies cry with all they’re might.
I love it. Babies are cool.

Oh yeah, if you live in Los Angeles, you are free to wear black. Like fucking come here just so you can wear black everyday, everywhere.

Paul Kempe
Live No Scrimmage
Walking music, tai chi music, fall asleep music, whatever you want music.

Age and Walking: No Fear No Fear

I walk for my mother, and everyone else who are unable but wish they could.

Every step beats death back by a day. Every step beats down depression, and the fear of dying. Relentlessly and with great vigor I step strongly forward to chase away the demons and welcome the angels sing. I raise my arms, hands up, I’m free, for I’m of the Universe, nothing can stop me, for I don’t exist in a form which can be stopped. An atom, when hit, I disperse, and take new form. My brain funktions in a similar way. When I walk I communicate with my self, and sometimes get lost. It’s easy to see how someone could be here in this dimension today and gone into another tomorrow, only to never return. We see these people on the streets walking and we condemn them to degenerate homelessness while not knowing jack shit about it. Driving around in bubbles that they think define them, lol. Perhaps it is who they are, what do I know, it’s here, and now, and that’s all that matters, and I feel that if I’m not careful I will move into the next dimension only to not return. I walk out of fear, I need to beat back fear.

In the morning I wake up, I put on my makeup, in the mirror my mind already made up, what I’m gonna do, who I’m gonna be, who I’m gonna see, who I’m gonna … No fear, no fear.
Yep, keep those balls in the air, don’t let them drop, what … another ball …

Once I was junkyard dog muzzled and tied to a tree, wondering who and what was oppressing, back against the wall, one day it occurred to me, throughout history, fear was getting the best of me.
Coulda shoulda, woulda, a record meant to be broken, fast is the past, do the math, today is the future, hesitate and they’ll shoot ya.

From Clay to Ali, perception is reality, win some, lose some, don’t be loathsome, brush yourself off and win yourself back some.

Talking to self Dec 4, 2019 while doing the walk

Photographs from (Paul Kempe) taken on December 4, 2019 while walking from Beverly Hills to Downtown LA, in chronological order.
The took about 3 hours and 45 minutes (2:45 pm to 6:30 pm). The mood and spirit of the walk was as described above.

Paul Kempe Life
Live No Scrimmage

Should have put in a video, some other time I suppose, when I have more time.


Sweet Music to help you get to sleep

Last night I watched the movie “Return of The Green Dragon” on Netlfix which I enjoyed, as if it were a comic book. I kind a like gangster movies, for whatever reason, I’m not really sure. Maybe it’s a guy thing. Any chicks out there like gangster movies ? Holla !

In the movie there was a part where the gang leader tells the young recruit, that in the gang you can be someone special, and that if you don’t follow the gang you will be no better that a “Fisherman” in China, to which my first response was, that might be pretty cool, if I had a kind wife, who is content with her lot in life as I, and if there was a decent school for my children. I’m assuming we’d have a roof over our heads, with a bathroom, kitchen, heating in the cold, and cooling for the summer. Perhaps we would have internet access, a guitar, violin, and a piano, and maybe a little drum set. Is that asking for too much ? I wouldn’t want to be a deep sea fisherman who spent multiple nights away from home at sea, though some people might like that. When I think being a fisherman in China, I think fishing from a small boat on a river, and living in a riverside community, a life that allows me to come home everyday after work. It wouldn’t be so bad. We would need a town doctor of course, but that would more or less be a pretty good life. Oh yes and please give us plenty of books to read, and something to write on and with. A personal computer for each family member would be perfect. So that we could educate ourselves and create. Actually I would rather be a farmer tilling the God given soil, it’s the same thing more or less. The main thing is that I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping up with the “Jone’s”. I wouldn’t have to think about my future, and my retirement, one doesn’t retire from a way of life.

Why does man think that he needs to aspire to greatness for the purpose of having many things and many wives. Why is man not content with a decent, healthy “way of life”. All ways of life require a job ( or work) that allows us to acquire and maintain the essentials in life, one must pay to dance, that is life, so get over it right. Make the best of it, do it well, and be proud. A job doesn’t define us, how we do it does, and what we do when we’re not working does.

All man really wants and needs is to be productive and feel respected and loved. Yet we complicate our lives to the point, we no longer want to live it anymore. We complicate our lives so much that we need a drink just to get to sleep at night. It all seems strange to me.

My question is this: Did man go backwards in the last 200 years ? Well, my life was going swimmingly till I borrowed money five years ago for an apartment that is bigger than I need, that I don’t even live in. Why, don’t ask, I was a fool.
Banks rule the world, thus they rules us, and they don’t give a rats us about us. There is something terribly wrong with this picture. The banks that exist today are not the same banks that were set up to help a man in bad times in an ancient times. They might be good for some, those who know how to manage the system, but banks are really no different than sugar, drugs and alcohol. They are an addiction for so many, a noose around the neck of society.

All I can say is that, once I pay off that loan, I will be free to roam, and do as my hearts content, by which time I will probably be near death.

Ask yourself this, are you truly happy today ? When you wake up in the morning, and you look upon the day which is blooming before you, are you truly happy ? Does that Mercedes Benz really do it for you ? Does that big ole fucking house that you nor your family members fully utilize really do it for you? If the answer is yes, than you are truly happy, if the answer is no, than what’s so wrong with being a Fisherman, or a Farmer, or a Welder as long as you have love, respect, dance, and music, and perhaps a little wine and a little herb. Ha ha.

This was a dumb post, but it is something that I think about all the time, and when the gang leader tried to make being a Fisherman in China look like a someones worst nightmare, I had to say something. It’s the wrong message for kids, and it’s a message that our education system instills in our children. Our education system is a product of our modern day banks. And it is big reason in my not so humble opinion that some many people struggle to stay afloat.

Why don’t they teach us how to find peace in school, and be peaceful. They could teach us how to breathe, and relax, and be grateful, rather than teach us how to be great, because to be great is to be greedy.

Oh well …

Good Day !
Paul Kempe
Live No Scrimmage

I mean like look at all the exercise one gets from doing manual labor. The health care system is a mess, because of the change in peoples life styles, the easy access to processed foods. Thank you Uber for now delivering it to our doors, now we don’t even have to walk to the restaurant anymore. Yeah I get it, your tired from slaving at work all day. Yep.

There is nothing wrong with wanting fame and glory, that’s what gets many people outta bed in the morning. Nothing wrong with being rich too, but it’s not for everyone.

It’s a discussion, or a conversation, nothing more. It’s how I feel this morning, by nightfall I will be someone else. No big deal. Don’t take it so serious. Talking is good, writing is good, get it off your chest.

When People Cry

Hoot Nanny

When people cry no one listens, no one cares, but when whales cry, an entire scientific community is ready at the helm to decipher the meaning. Perhaps if we spent more time and energy trying to decipher the sounds of Man, we would know more about ourselves, and then what ? We’d be horrified, the same way babies are horrified when enter the world beyond mummies tummy. But not for long as we learn to ignore the things we don’t like or agree with in hopes those things will just go away.

Exercise is an Art. Exercise involves more than just the exercising the body. Exercise open the mind and fills the spirit with life. Exercise heals the mind, body and spirit. Exercise should be fun, re-energizing and re-rehabilitating, the same way music is, which is why we dance to music.
For dance is a close as we can possibly get to heaven on earth. Of course fucking and surfing provide similar feelings of euphoria, but while surfing is an art and thus a dance of some sort, fucking is different, because when we fuck we are well … fucking things up, smashing and wrecking to obliterate. The thing is one can’t get properly into the proper state of fucking without dancing, for dancing is the foreplay. wtf …

Exactly, what the fuck am I talking about ? Not sure. “When people cry”
Live No Scrimmage
Paul Kempe
Sadly life is pretty simple.
Say it, get off your chest, get a load off and feel better. That’s what exercise does. Exercise throws off all the shit.


The Night The Lights Went Out in All of Japan

Total darkness is total silence

This is a short story about the night the lights went out in all of Japan, on March 11, 2011. It was a day and night that I will never forget. It was an awesome, and spectacular display of Mother Nature. No one was hurt in my neighborhood in Ofuna, Kamakura City. If you want to pass over the music go to 34 minutes. The music however is the best part. It’s more than meets the ear. It’s a process of learning and discovery… self esteem. It’s a conversation I have with myself. Talking to ones self is good, it’s like talking with god… ratta ta tat, pishhh.

Paul Kempe
Live No Scrimmage