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Alone, in 2008 on a broken Yamaha stand piano in my wife’s mothers house after she passed away, in Ofuna Japan, I discovered that sound moves space the same way color does, and since I was already an artist who painted I decided I wanted to be an artist who made sounds with musical instruments. I call this “reaching and feeling” because like a blind man that’s what I do. I love the process of practicing sounds which I enjoy. Music is the way that I now best measure my productivity, and maybe even my self worth. I considered many times to write a book, but decided that music is my story and it goes well with my painting.

Life’s Gift

True happiness is… Life’s gift is our ability to move, and speak freely, which is why prison is a form of punishment. These days more and more, I measure my wealth by the state of my health. There is no one pill cure all in life. The trick is the mix a good stew of various ingredients. Walking, talking, dancing,… Read more →

Mentally Challenged Men Dos

Recorded Sunday August 18, 2019 at a Park in Downtown Los Angeles in the morning. 2 Mentally Challenged Men making a rap song. by Paul Kempe and Another Man whose name we don’t know, but who appeared to be in his late 50’s and had a severe toenail fungus problem. He was in otherwise good health, and spirits, though clearly… Read more →

Luck Run Out

Playing in the park is so much more of a colorful experience than playing in your room.You will push yourself and stretch your mind far more, and you’ll play longer too. It really is a weird trip, and now I’m addicted. Here is one little song that I did today.paul kempelive no scrimmagepractice !!! ? Read more →

The World Is Yours

The world is yours, as long as you have the essentials like good health, healthy food to eat, a and comfortable place to sleep. From that point there is nothing to stop you from achieving your goals in life, but you yourself. I could have easily been very wealthy and own a ton useless shit, but I chose a different… Read more →

Why people act out violently

Too much pressure. Some people deal with it better than others. In the mp3 I partially blame the media, but I was wrong, we can’t shoot the messenger, but one has to admit that some people can’t handle the truth. We might serve our country better if we chose our words more carefully, especially if you are political leader of… Read more →

Sometimes I Wish

“Sometimes I wish I was dead” But those are just the bad days, which are few. You can lay down and wallow for only so long (unless your on drugs in which case I feel sorry for you) before you feel the need to get back up and join the fight. The fight for life. After all, we are human… Read more →

Best mp3 Ever

Best mp3 ever, it might save your life. Paul Kempe: The Art and Philosophy of Exercise. If you are not happy, if you are hitting the wall, and feel that you are being oppressed, this mp3 is for you. This is a great mp3, at the very least, let this mp3 help you get to sleep. Some of this is… Read more →

Marking time on the stoop

guitar, keyboard, and voice by paul kempe. marking time on the stoop. it’s dumb but the music is getting better. this shit is useless I know, that’s why I seldom post anymore. I gotta start doing some serious work, but who the hell wants to be so serious when life is so short. just wanna have fun. Read more →

Musical blog for Feb, 7 2019

It’s practice stuff, on some things I been working on for the last few hours. Don’t play it too loud. Think of it as background noise to drown out noise that’s buggin you. Perfect for insomniacs who are tired of ruminating. The guitar work on the last piece is real bad, and I could have chopped that segment out but… Read more →