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Alone, in 2008 on a broken Yamaha stand piano in my wife’s mothers house after she passed away, in Ofuna Japan, I discovered that sound moves space the same way color does, and since I was already an artist who painted I decided I wanted to be an artist who made sounds with musical instruments. I call this “reaching and feeling” because like a blind man that’s what I do. I love the process of practicing sounds which I enjoy. Music is the way that I now best measure my productivity, and maybe even my self worth. I considered many times to write a book, but decided that music is my story and it goes well with my painting.

Luck Run Out

When Your Luck Run Out

Playing in the park is so much more of a colorful experience than playing in your room.
You will push yourself and stretch your mind far more, and you’ll play longer too. It really is a weird trip, and now I’m addicted. Here is one little song that I did today.
paul kempe
live no scrimmage
practice !!! ?

The World Is Yours

The World is Yours

The world is yours, as long as you have the essentials like good health, healthy food to eat, a and comfortable place to sleep. From that point there is nothing to stop you from achieving your goals in life, but you yourself. I could have easily been very wealthy and own a ton useless shit, but I chose a different path. It’s all a question of priorities.
Good Day
Paul Kempe
live no scrimmage
And yea, fuck socialism, it doesn’t work, and will never work, because evolution doesn’t have concept of what’s fair, but only who comes out on top. The only good thing about being at the bottom is that you have someplace to aspire to.

Love is A Promise

Love is A Promise by Paul Kempe

This is a beat that I have worked on for a while off and on, and today I put these lyrics to it. “Love is A Promise” is a song about true love

Live No Scrimmage

My paintings are once again showing at the Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles on Spring St.

Gotta see them live at the gallery to see the quality of the work. They are pretty cool, for real.

Why people act out violently

Too much pressure. Some people deal with it better than others.

In the mp3 I partially blame the media, but I was wrong, we can’t shoot the messenger, but one has to admit that some people can’t handle the truth. We might serve our country better if we chose our words more carefully, especially if you are political leader of any kind, or color.

Motivational mp3 live no scrimmage

Motivational mp3 live no scrimmage

Paul Kempe: Motivational mp3, live no scrimmage. Listen as needed to make you self happier, and more productive. Improve your self esteem. Stop blaming others for your problems and maladies. Stop being a sissy. Raise yourself up, so that you can be in a position to help others. If your bored and lonely take a job at 7-11 and pass out smiles and good vibes. Step one stop feeling sorry for yourself and start moving around.
Sorry if I offend anyone, that is not my intent. Peace

Kempe Universe City

Best mp3 Ever

Best mp3 ever, it might save your life. Paul Kempe: The Art and Philosophy of Exercise. If you are not happy, if you are hitting the wall, and feel that you are being oppressed, this mp3 is for you. This is a great mp3, at the very least, let this mp3 help you get to sleep. Some of this is serious and some of it is actually sorta funny.

breakfast club, talk to me

the dirty work is what make you a man

Musical blog for Feb, 7 2019

It’s practice stuff, on some things I been working on for the last few hours. Don’t play it too loud. Think of it as background noise to drown out noise that’s buggin you. Perfect for insomniacs who are tired of ruminating. The guitar work on the last piece is real bad, and I could have chopped that segment out but chose to keep it because it’s still a good vibe. Just think your like hangin out in my studio while I practice and it will be all good. You know like “keeping it real”, do people still say or do that anymore?

save the elephants, ga ga goo goo

Sober Now

“No Where to Go” by Paul Kempe

“Sober now”, I don’t no how much longer I will be sober but today will be 2 weeks and 5 days. Sometimes I think it’s the only thing that I have done right for the day. I completed 3.5 days of the fast. It become more difficult on the 4th day so I quit it, much more difficult than I have heard people say.

Today I post this song I scribbled out this morning (reachin and feelin), “ga ga goo goo”, titled “No where to go” but I gotta go, for real. I’m gonna try and clean it up and finish the lyrics, if I can hold my attention long enough. Why post it when it’s incomplete, because this website also serves as my notebook, so I stash my ideas here, and I’m like a dog who like to piss on trees “chik chik” , pissing on the internet.


3 day fast journal

They Said I Couldn’t Do It . Outline

3 day fast journal. I feel great. Who cares? No one. I know, but blogging on the internet is like a dog pissing on trees, “chik chik “.  ) I’m using the audio for this blog entry. Everything I feel, and think about today is in it. Except that I don’t think I can make day 5, at least at this moment, cuz I’m really starting to feel hungry, but they say after day three it gets easier so … We shall see.

One thing I have concluded so far, and thought as much on other shorter fasts, is that eating is more a habit than a necessity these days, at least in my case, and judging by the looks of a lot of people I’m not the only one.

Peace have a great day !

White Pants and Coat 100% Cotton by Paul Kempe
Sober Now ! Jan 19, 2019 (2 weeks and 2 days) White Pants and Coat 100% Cotton by Paul Kempe

I like to wear white when I’m clean and sober, it give me a zen feeling. If you are interested in buying my products, contact me and I will hook you up.