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Copycat Life

How to this, and how to that, pick an identity and make it your own. Come hear me speak, so that you can be like me. Yes copy me. Of course you can’t copy your classmates homework, but in the real world the more you copy, imitate, and mimic, take your pick, the better.
As much as I like to think that the music I make is an original work of my own design, I know that to some degree I’m getting the idea from someone else. I also know that as much as I like to think that the style of clothes I choose to wear and how I choose to talk, walk, and act are a unique representation of me, myself and I, it is a copy of some idea I got from somewhere. What is most interesting to me is that one of the few truly original creations on planet earth is a human body, yet many of us are uncomfortable in it. If human beings are not the best (wisest) of all animals, we are in fact the most creative, which is both awesome and destructive. Head and tails, good and bad, can’t have one without the other, I guess. So weird how that is. Can’t be happy without knowing sad, like there is no night, without the day, and so on and so forth.

Have a nice day, lol
Paul Kempe
Live No Scrimmage

Why we do it ?

Why we do it ? Why do we do anything ? The bottom line is that “we do it for love”. To care for, to be cared for, to respect, and to be respected, I always wondered why the words “respect” and “care” were not part of the definition of Love in the dictionary. Because in the end, true love really means to care for and respect, for it not than love is merely just a pleasure. That seems pretty shallow to me, and if the dictionary is right and that is what the majority of people think love is, then it’s no wonder society is the mess that it is, with everyone at each others throats.

So why do we do it ? Why do we go to work everyday, and struggle and fight ? We do it for our families, we do it for our children, and our friends and of course we do it for ourselves. Yes we must love and respect ourselves, in order to be truly at peace and content. I could say happy but happy is really the exclamation point at the end of being at peace and being content. The frosting on the cake. There is no frosting unless there is first a cake, or a bread. It is the salt and pepper on your steak. Happiness cannot be achieved unless there is first love in your heart.

So why are are so many not at peace when they are so loved by they’re wife, husband, children and friends, because we are greedy, blind, and ungrateful.
How do I know this ? Try thinking how you’d feel if god forbid, someone you love were suddenly no longer with us, passed away. Exactly, nothing else would matter, all of a sudden you’d realize how much time you wasted chasing things, and ideas that are not very important. Things like getting high, drinking, and getting stone. Even reading the newspaper and watching the news everyday would seem like a waste of time and energy.

As for myself, I ‘m no different than the rest of you, I struggle with my priorities everyday, which is why I can arrive at such ideas as this. My music may seem ridiculous, but I know that my music is my heart crying for love and so, I continue with it, but at the same time, I have family and friends who depend on me so I have to work. That I have any job, which is an opportunity is a blessing. It’s not the work that we do, that defines us, it is the ideas and thoughts we harbor in our heads. Nothing of value comes without paying some kind of tax, that is life, and it has been this way since the beginning of time, not just for humans, but for the birds, the bees, and the bear.

The trick is to know why you live, and once you answer this question correctly you will find life far more bearable, and even enjoyable. Life is truly what you make it. If your sad and fed up, than it’s within your power to change the way you feel. Changing your president will not help the majority of us, but changing our mind will.

In conclusion let me say that my point is this, “we do it for love”. Everyone swings for love.

Hmmm, that’s all a crock a shit. We are all no different than a fucking amoeba. We are here today for a very short while, and then we are gone, and someday this earth will be gone, and the sun will be gone. It’s the horrifying truth of the matter, and love is just the best game in town because love makes the medicine go down. The brighter your imagination of loves power the brighter your day. We are in fact delusional, and that’s what really separates man from the rest of the animal kingdom. lol


Mans Best Friend

Contrary to what you have heard, mans best friend is not a dog, perhaps a woman’s best friend is a dog when she can’t find a man good enough to satisfy her, but a mans best friend is the Pussy. Some people say puzzy, and others have other names they call it or her, but for the sake of this writing it is a Pussy. A warm and seductive Pussy is the gift that god gave all women. Without it, man would wonder the world aimlessly looking for a place to plant his tree, and nothing of value would get done. The world would be a mess. The reason that society has some semblance of harmony is because men and women are bound at the genitals.

Behind every great man is a great Pussy, a woman who gives her man a reason to come home, and a reason to keep coming home. Take away the puzzy, then you may as well say good bye to your man. I don’t care how much man loves his female friend, companion or spouse, if she doesn’t offer up the pussy, he’s gone. I know cuz I have been there. I endured eight sexless years with my wife who I still love so very much, before I left her for another woman. It was and remains the most painful decision I have ever made, but would make that same choice again, and again and again. Of course not any pussy will do, a great man needs indeed a kind, pleasant, loving, caring, and reasonable woman to wear that pussy. Good pussy with a bad attitude is bad puzzy, and detrimental to a mans well being.

It matters less what a women looks like, than how she treats you, and how she treats you will dicktate how you treat her, and others around you. A great woman supports her man, loves her man and appreciates her man, and a good man will naturally want to return those same favors.
This is in the end is what becomes the cables that join man and woman in Love. There are many kinds and degrees or levels of love, but the one that envelopes a man and woman in Love is the most special and unique. I have found that kind of love (thank god) and because of that love I can dream, and fight for the things I value in life. Things like sobriety, good health (physical and mental) and economic prosperity. Yes people behind all good deeds, are good women who freely and merrily give up the pussy. Pussy is a mans first and foremost place of refuse, he will do nearly everything and anything for a loving and caring woman.

Man are born from pussy, and it’s pussy that sustains us. Make no mistake about it. If a relationship is not working it’s because either the man is too dumb to know how to make it work, because he knows too little about life, or the woman refuses to love him, and to love means to fuck. She may not always want too or like it, but if she really really loves her man she will do it with a smile.

That my friends is simply how the world works. This is a mans perspective and this is a mans world. It’s a mans world, make no mistake about that too, and every and any good woman will acknowledge this. Why because this is a force of nature and nature cannot be kept in a bottle.

Peace. Whew ! God bless the woman who serves up the pussy with a smile. Which is why even a whore house makes a better home than the home many men are forced to live in everyday with a spouse who does not offer up the pussy like it was the greatest show on earth.
If your not happy, check yourself first to make sure all your boxes are checked off, if they aren’t get them checked off, after you have checked yourself than check your woman. Always check yourself first, because nine times out of ten, the man is missing a few ingredients. This is not only the case with relationships between lovers, but with all people. 90% of the time it’s us not the world that’s wrong but the way we look it. Our attitude shapes our perception.

Why? Cuz this is what I do. I’m a fifty nine year old man, who answers to no one but himself and with myself I’m brutally honest. I’m not a perfect man nor do I have all the answers, but a woman is as close to perfect as life can get, and there is a good start.

Life really is an amazing thing.


We are all slaves here

We are all slaves to the image we think we need to keep. None of us can afford to tell you how he really feels and thinks without some kind of backlash, except for the artist. the real, true blue artist, who’d rather be poor bouncing from couch to couch than fall in line with the rest of the banal assholes and elbows.

We are all slaves to the machine, the machine of evolution. It can’t be turned off. This machine is what drives human need and desire, which is why there will never be a cure for avarice. Everyone wants to get high, and feel good, and the only way to do that is to stay busy, keep your eye on the prize, have a dream, and have something to take your mind off of the things you don’t want to think about.

We are delusional, we con ourselves into getting on in the program, and our entire society is built around keeping us in the game. Hence the winners and the losers in the world.

It sounds awful, and impossible to break free from these shackles, but there is a way, and I know the way. I have been there, and there is where I’m going to return. But for today all I want to do is bury myself between my wife’s legs.


Motivational mp3 live no scrimmage

Motivational mp3 live no scrimmage

Paul Kempe: Motivational mp3, live no scrimmage. Listen as needed to make you self happier, and more productive. Improve your self esteem. Stop blaming others for your problems and maladies. Stop being a sissy. Raise yourself up, so that you can be in a position to help others. If your bored and lonely take a job at 7-11 and pass out smiles and good vibes. Step one stop feeling sorry for yourself and start moving around.
Sorry if I offend anyone, that is not my intent. Peace

Kempe Universe City

Best mp3 Ever

Best mp3 ever, it might save your life. Paul Kempe: The Art and Philosophy of Exercise. If you are not happy, if you are hitting the wall, and feel that you are being oppressed, this mp3 is for you. This is a great mp3, at the very least, let this mp3 help you get to sleep. Some of this is serious and some of it is actually sorta funny.

breakfast club, talk to me

the dirty work is what make you a man

The power of a bow

The Power of A Bow

To bow is to offer respect to another, and acknowledge that there are indeed higher powers in the world. It is to lighten your load. It is to know that you are not alone in the struggle. To bow is is a display of humility. To be humble is for easing the tension, and reducing friction.
To bow is to bridge

Today a Korean man of about eighty years old who I sorta know from the Ketchum-Downtown YMCA saw me running up 5th Street as I was trotting to the YMCA. He greeted me as I approached Grand with a bigger smile than usual, said “good” and shot me a thumbs up. I smiled more broadly than usual in return and as he walked away I bowed at his back, and boom it hit me, we all need someone or something to bow down to sometimes. The same way people need a hug. I guess this feeling we get from bowing has a lot to do with why people go to church or the mosque to offer themselves in prayer.

For the last thirty years I have deployed the bow as a means to show gratitude, and respect toward my brother man. I bow to anyone, my friends, teachers, coaches, the cashier, a person who holds the door open for me, our employees, customers, associates, and I bow extra deeply in the spirit of the Japanese Samurai to my doctors, my CPA, and my lawyer for being able to do things for me that I’m unable to do myself. I have seen powerful men and women bow to each other, many a times. I have lived in Japan and South Korea, so I have a lot of experience with the usefulness and interpretation of the bow, but never until today did I feel that everyone stands to benefit greatly when the are able to learn to bow. After bowing to the old man today, who I barely know, I felt like I was one of the luckiest people in the world because I had someone that I could bow to. I didn’t even bow to his face, and it was still a powerful display of ??????? (what’s the word). I felt like I was on top of the world, and that the dying thirst of my heart was quenched all at once at that moment.

A new “stocks I trade” that like very much for a longer term strategy is PSNL

Disclaimer: I post some of the stocks I own are for entertainment and educational purposes only. You must do your own research and seek assistance from a professional adviser. This is not advice, further more, what I own today, I may not own tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year. It’s just something I share with people from my heart.

Why ?
Because I love you.
This may sound corny but so what, life is way to short to worry about that crap


Keeping a promise or not defines us. Our word is gold, if we want to be taken serious in this world, we must treat our words as such. Each time we brake a promise, or fail to meet an obligation we whittle away at our own self worth.

Trust is the most valuable asset that a man has to offer anyone. More than money, and even love, for without trust there is none. Our ability to keep a promise dictates how far we go in life, trust dictates the quality of our lives. This might sound severe and harsh, and make life harder than one might want it to be, and to this I say to each his own. I’m fifty eight years of age so there are a few things I have experience with and honesty is one of them, both the pitfalls and the joy of it.

Paul Kempe: Communication is King

One may use the correct words, but when used with the wrong tone or facial expressions , the meaning of the words are changed. When we were primates we had no verbal language except for the shrills, and grunts and so on so forth. The tone of what we emitted was (and remains) the first language. It is also the most trusted.

People today, have never been so bad at communicating, despite having more broader means for doing so. Which is sad because today the stakes are higher. Miscommunication will be the start of the next world or regional civil war. Good communication also requires knowing one another, not just on the surface, but under the skin. This takes time, used for study, of things that are not redeemable for a million dollars tomorrow morning. The knowledge of other people, and all people as a whole is used everyday by all people, but that knowledge is often flawed and in fact wrong. In many cases purposely, there is a fox in the hen house.

So you can see, how today there are more people, communicating on more mediums, with more flawed information. This is a recipe for disaster. The problem is that we are wired to make decisions based on who we identify with and not the ideas, or policies themselves. The primate in us, is afraid the leave the tree. It is the human that chose to come down from the tree, and thus was forced to broaden his understanding of the world and strengthen his communication skills. This required a major effort, for a very serious cause, which was survival. Today we are once again at the cross roads, we need to come down from the tree, all of us, and work together to make this world a better place. We need to give up our petty squabbles and start learning to live together without insulting each other, so that we make better use of our short time to help make the world a better more harmonious place.

Get over it, today is the future
. That’s what my parents told me repeatedly. As a professional equities trader, that advice has paid huge dividends, it has also done the same in my personal and professional life. If I’m successful, (define success) it was mostly because I had the ability and the training the forget the past and forge ahead. That lesson did not require a higher formal institutional education or degree, it’s not rocket science, it is a huge part of being human.

The Miracle of Life

What we have and what we are experiencing on this planet earth is a miracle. There is nothing else like it in the universe. What we have is unique, and how we experience depends on us. As for me, it’s not how much is in my pocket, but what’s in my heart. I’m the magic man.

Today I woke up and for the first time in a month and my entire body was funktioning right. Last night I went through the entire night without needing to get up and piss. A fucking miracle. Changed my whole perception, though I have been feeling extra special lately cuz the weather has been super fantastic. The way it all started was a month ago when I decided I had to get tuff, and needed to get stronger, and the only way to do that was get my diet right. We are what we eat. Fasting, cold showers, meat, no meat, so on and so forth, battling everyday like a mother fucker. At times I thought it was useless, and once a week and a half ago I said to my self “fuck it, we all gonna die someday” and went out and got blind drunk. The next day I felt guilty as fuck, 3 weeks of sobriety down the tubes, but I decided to not see it that way, and instead told my self it was just a “dropped ball”, we’ll get the next one, no one is perfect. Life is a fight, and if you want to experience the magic, you gotta fight for it. It doesn’t come easy. Like the Patriots winning the Super Bowl this year, it was a perfect of example of how life is, with ups and downs, against all odds, you believe, persevere and finally come out on top one day. Like poof (magic).

I played basketball, baseball, and football from the age of 6 till I was 17, and had so many different coaches, and they all did the same thing. They pushed us, pushed me, told me not to be afraid and never to quit, and because of those guys, I’m writing this post today. Because of those coaches, I was playing my best music today on piano and guitar. Because those guys didn’t quit on me, today I experienced magic once again.

Recently I had dinner with a young man who was eating poorly, and is overweight. He was stuffing himself with rice, and cake. I urged him to eat more meat, but he insisted he wanted the rice. I felt something was not right, so I asked how things are going and if everything was alright. He told me work sucked cuz they aren’t paying him what he thinks he deserves. I get it, this can be depressing and food can have mollifying effect. But food and drink doesn’t solve the problem.

Forget that money equals happiness, cuz it doesn’t, good health and sanity does, and it requires far less money than one thinks. If you don’t like your job, do something about it, read books, get stronger, change your attitude, change your diet, and you will be surprised how much your life will change.

I call my self “Daruma” because I have been knocked to the floor a millions times, but I always get up, I don’t quit, I learn the cause of my problem and try fix it. Most answers we need to our questions are in a book someplace, and there is no excuse to not use this wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources.
If you have a crappy job ( I cleaned toilets of 12 years, sometimes 16 hours a day) think of it as an opportunity to pay your tuition at the School of Life, the School of Hard Knocks. If you are working 8 hours to 12 hours a day, you still have 6 hours for sleep, and six hours for books, study, and practice. After a few years, before you know it, you will have acquired knowledge, experience, maturity, and wisdom. Your attitude will have evolved from pessimist to optimist, and your value on the job market will have increased dramatically.

Here is a secret, that all good bosses know. Attitude is often more important than skills. As an owner of my own company who did most the hiring and firing, I often came across good talent with shitty attitudes, I never hired them. If someone came to me with few skills but a good work ethic, and a positive “i can do it attitude” I would make room for that person. The New England Patriots epitomize this style of management, and they beat other teams who hire talent with crumby attitudes. It’s a magic that few people believe works because our society in general is comprised of skin deep, shallow thinkers. Most people mimic what the see on TV, and get a false view of reality. Really it’s true, otherwise how can a janitor with no high school diploma, and no college education become a millionaire without selling drugs.

Somewhere and sometime when I was young, I was burned and spurned for reasons that I’m still unaware. I remember suddenly not believing and trusting people. I developed what some call a healthy skepticism. I was unable to work for anyone because I didn’t trust my bosses, and started my own business. I’m not saying starting ones own business is for everyone, but there are other means to financial security besides business. There are opportunities in the arts, mentoring, volunteering etc. The key is to be true to oneself self and follow ones heart and never quit. Don’t compare yourself to others. Do right and success, and magic will find you, in some shape or form, perhaps one that even at this time you are unable to recognize.

It’s not the stars, but the way you look at them. Change your attitude, and your life will change. That’s what I do. Attitude is truly underrated.

Pardon me for rambling on today, but this topic has been on my mind for a few days now and haven’t had the motivation to put it down until today. It’s my magic and I share it with you, on my dime.

ga ga goo goo … save the elephants

This song I wrote “Battle Every Day” for all the people in the struggle

Let It Go

let it go let it go let it go let it go or let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go ? What ever the case “let it go”. Let go of fear, be brave, and you will be free. You can go to church, meditate, and practice yoga till your blue in the face, but unless you let go of fear, your (my life) life will be a pain. Running away doesn’t solve my problem, but facing it without fear, and being brave does. Breathing deeply, and being strong of mind, and body (as much as possible) are the tools I use to carve out my existence. To exercise is to exorcise my fears, desires, and hunger. When I run, I breathe deeply, exhale and let it go. When I walk in the mountains, I breathe deeply, exhale and “let it go”. Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go, when I’m in my bed late at night and early in the morning unable to sleep, I chant “let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go, breathe (inhale deeply), let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go. It’s similar to the Buddhist chant “nam myoho renge kyo” the only difference being is that you can know that somewhere, someplace there is someone else chanting the same as you, at the very same time. That is comforting I suppose, but if I’m to be brave and fearless than why would I need comfort. Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go, comfort is never a certainty that can or should be depended on, for it is forever ephemeral until we die, at which time it is a certainty that is everlasting. Thus fear nothing, cling to no one and anything, but be free, and let it go. Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go, exhale, let it go, let it go.

There that is my credo, and my spiritual advice to myself and anyone else. It is my mantra, book, and guide as I try and navigate this life. Is there something missing, should I have a higher power, or a god of some kind ? Yes I do believe that my higher power is represented in those people I love who I leave behind. They are the source of my wealth that I hope satisfies them as much as it satisfies me. All that I do while I’m alive, striving to be brave, fearless, strong, good, and healthy, I should do for the people I love, thus I have invested in my higher power, thus invested in my sanity, mental, and spiritual health. I do this expecting nothing in return, but the gratification in knowing that I have loved. I must not cling, for clinging generates fear of losing, and losing is “letting go” and I cannot afford to fear “letting go” for “letting go” is my fuel and my salvation. To “let it go” is to be free, free from the shackles of societies idea of what life is or should be, to whom or which I would like to say “fuck you, you don’t know me or own me” but than I would have to own it, owning anything is an impediment to “letting it go”.

But are there somethings which I should not let go of like, and especially love ? Well, to love is to give, not to own, so no, even in love I must “let it go” like Aloha. If Aloha is an expression of love, and the “ha” in aloha means breath, than well, the Hawaiians are genius.

I sprang out of bed at 2:00 am February 3rd, 2019 to write this because I was chanting “let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go, breathe, let it go, let it go” and felt inspired to share this with you (who I don’t don’t know, it doesn’t matter). Why ? I guess I love you. Sounds kind a corny, but love is real, contagious, and healing. Love is a spiritual expression. Love is a power that can cause insanity when held in and not released. Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go.

But love alone is not enough. Life is fight, every day a battle that requires fearless, bravery. At the end of the day, I may have won or lost the battle, but if I fought with all my might, than it means I left it all on the battle field, gave it all I had, and had “let it go”. Now I can lay my head down on my pillow knowing I did the best I could, that I did good, and that is a good feeling. Money cannot buy that. Fuck money, don’t chase the money, make it follow you.

I’m not a Saint of a Preacher, in fact I often think I’m the worst fuck up on the planet, but I’m Daruma, and I get back up and try again. No one, and I mean no one, is fucking perfect, and we all gonna go to heaven someday. That makes us all equal. Have no fear, let it go, be brave, and I will be happy.

ga ga goo goo