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Paul Kempe art. Slices of life, time in a bottle, photographs of shapes, and colors that impress me

Downtown Los Angeles Paul Kempe March 1, 2020

Paul Kempe using my SLR for the first time in two years walking around downtown Los Angeles feeling indifferent and disengaging. March 1, 2020. It was a cold day, and I was alone, I’m always fucking alone, and it’s nobodies fault but my own. I made my bed.

The Power Of Discussion

The power of discussion is it’s ability to reveal and illuminate new ideas and information.
If humans are forever learning, because the world is always changing, so we can never ever know it all, means that having a conversations, discussions, and meetings are imperative for learning and growing. Thus if people are unable to communicate in such a way that does not foster good conversation the opportunity to learn and grow is lost.

Why do I write this, because I get the impression that the largest media outlets have opted out of the discussion. They have taken a side, or a point of view, from which they refuse to entertain any other objective input, or feedback. In business, this kind of one sided blindness, and recklessness leads to bankruptcy. In nation building and nurturing it leads to unnecessary anxiety, anger, and stress, which in turn lead to civil unrest, which can lead to the destruction of a nation.

In summary, if one refuses to hear the other side the argument without an open objective mind, is to admit you “know everything” and we all know that there is not a person on planet earth knows it all. In other words, let us check ourselves and not get angry when others present a narrative we don’t agree with, cuz for all we know they might be right, and we might be wrong. For many times the difference between right and wrong is simply a matter of timing or the way we are seeing things.

Man Down

Paul Kempe Art
Man Down On His Luck by Paul Kempe “7th Street Chronicles” 2017

Could happen to anyone, everything happens by chance. I always felt like I was one drink from despair, no matter how great my current situation is.