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Copycat Life

How to this, and how to that, pick an identity and make it your own. Come hear me speak, so that you can be like me. Yes copy me. Of course you can’t copy your classmates homework, but in the real world the more you copy, imitate, and mimic, take your pick, the better.
As much as I like to think that the music I make is an original work of my own design, I know that to some degree I’m getting the idea from someone else. I also know that as much as I like to think that the style of clothes I choose to wear and how I choose to talk, walk, and act are a unique representation of me, myself and I, it is a copy of some idea I got from somewhere. What is most interesting to me is that one of the few truly original creations on planet earth is a human body, yet many of us are uncomfortable in it. If human beings are not the best (wisest) of all animals, we are in fact the most creative, which is both awesome and destructive. Head and tails, good and bad, can’t have one without the other, I guess. So weird how that is. Can’t be happy without knowing sad, like there is no night, without the day, and so on and so forth.

Have a nice day, lol
Paul Kempe
Live No Scrimmage

Battle of The Cranium

Paul Kempe now Showing at the GDCA Gallery, S. Spring St. Downtown Los Angeles

Left: Battle of The Cranium, Rigth: Dancing Out of Africa (though that name has been changed more than once) by Los Angeles based artist / motivational speaker Paul Kempe. live no scrimmage

The Prison of My Mind

Have you ever tried to escape the prison of your own mind, I have tried and failed except when I was drunk and on drugs. When I’m sober I often can’t stand myself, I want out but there is no out, until the music stops. People think they know what other people go through, but they are fucking delusional, for they know as much about me as I about them, which is nothing. The keyboard and violin is myself. I’m self taught from the age of fifty. You might think it’s shit, while I on the other hand think it’s pretty good. It has an energy and color that truly expresses the way I feel. The video is purposely long and minimal, which is really what the prison of my mind is like.

PS. I know I’m not the only one

Let your nuts sag

Paul Kempe’s 100% cotton suits, for Nomads Coat, doing Calisthenics and dancing in the streets of downtown LA. Nomads Coat produces the best lounge wear, pajamas, gardening pants, and dope coats in the world. We also sell the best fitting pants in the world for big asses, that allow your nuts to sag (drape down low). For Work, Play and Siesta

fitness for seniors

Calisthenic for old people, by Paul Kempe,
or “Cali Tai Chi”
Fitness for old people
fitness for seniors
The golden years
or “Worlds dumbest video”
it was a good day, not all my days are this awesome
paul kempe’s 100% cotton suits, for

Cali Sthenics

What a process. From the day I arrived a week ago on Sunday, till today. Huge emotional swings from north, south, east and west. But in the end my creative side won the day, or should I say “the week”. I’m very happy now to be once again living in Los Angeles. I’m just gonna keep moving. I’m mot gonna let ugly thoughts get a grip on me. I’m old, so what, that ain’t stop nobody. As long as I’m moving I’m alive, and in that regard no different than anyone else.

Yesterday I walked around all morning, shot all these clips with my phone and put this video together. Most of it was filmed at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles, and on Olympic Blvd not far from the Ramada Hotel across the street from 7-11.

The suit I’m sporting is the same suit I’ve been wearing everyday since I got here. The suit is provided by Nomads Coat produced and designed by Paul Kempe (forgive me, I need to get the SEO bullsit in here). Looks pretty good right. Paul Kempe’s 100% Cotton Suits, “Get More Out of Life”.

Original Nomads Coat Video

The first video ever made for Nomads Coat, and Paul Kempe’s 100% Cotton Suits. Where it all started in 2012, in Honolulu Hawai. The model is founder and artist Paul Kempe