Yesterday I played basketball and exercised.
Yesterday I went for a walk and walked into a church, a big church, a huge church Cathedral of Our Lady of The Angels. Wow, what a church. It’s like a fortress or a monument. The ceilings are so very tall. I lingered in the church for about thirty minutes at least. Being that it was a Saturday afternoon there were very few visitors during this time, and I was fortunate to enjoy the quiet solitude with the spirit of God and Jesus. At the church I learned the story of Jose Sanchez Del Rio from Sahuayo Mexico. It is an impressive story and made me think deeply… for a while.

My only meal for the day was:
and Cashew nuts. I like Cashew nuts, dry roasted and salted.
For added flavor I sprinkled apple cider vinegar and half a lime over the salad.
The baby bell mushrooms were sauteed in olive oil ,Himalayan salt and black pepper.
Total cost $8.57.

This morning I feel peaceful and slightly reflective.
I considered for a moment before I had my coffee, while walking to starbucks at 7:45 am, what it was that I have contributed to the world, and thought of nothing, notable and felt ashamed, but than I wondered what it was that anyone else has contributed and didn’t feel so bad. Ha ha. I did however think of Micheal Jackson who gave us great music. I guess that is why I like music so much, for music really is a gift, or a blessing, because it many times lifts us up, and brings us closer to heaven.

Thank you lord, thank you Jesus, thank you everyone who gave me the time of day when I needed it. I’m the sum of the people I have met in my life whether in person or through books. I have been blessed with the wisdom to know the power of love and being grateful.

Finally today I thought about my feeble existence on this miraculous planet earth, and the day that I fall from consciousness like a leaf from a tree to rejoin the womb (soil). The sun will still shine until it does no more at which time none of this will matter no more. Ain’t no big ting braddah! Sometimes we make more of things than they are. I guess that is why humans can be classified as being creative.

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Grateful by Paul Kempe

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