Mans Best Friend

Contrary to what you have heard, mans best friend is not a dog, perhaps a woman’s best friend is a dog when she can’t find a man good enough to satisfy her, but a mans best friend is the Pussy. Some people say puzzy, and others have other names they call it or her, but for the sake of this writing it is a Pussy. A warm and seductive Pussy is the gift that god gave all women. Without it, man would wonder the world aimlessly looking for a place to plant his tree, and nothing of value would get done. The world would be a mess. The reason that society has some semblance of harmony is because men and women are bound at the genitals.

Behind every great man is a great Pussy, a woman who gives her man a reason to come home, and a reason to keep coming home. Take away the puzzy, then you may as well say good bye to your man. I don’t care how much man loves his female friend, companion or spouse, if she doesn’t offer up the pussy, he’s gone. I know cuz I have been there. I endured eight sexless years with my wife who I still love so very much, before I left her for another woman. It was and remains the most painful decision I have ever made, but would make that same choice again, and again and again. Of course not any pussy will do, a great man needs indeed a kind, pleasant, loving, caring, and reasonable woman to wear that pussy. Good pussy with a bad attitude is bad puzzy, and detrimental to a mans well being.

It matters less what a women looks like, than how she treats you, and how she treats you will dicktate how you treat her, and others around you. A great woman supports her man, loves her man and appreciates her man, and a good man will naturally want to return those same favors.
This is in the end is what becomes the cables that join man and woman in Love. There are many kinds and degrees or levels of love, but the one that envelopes a man and woman in Love is the most special and unique. I have found that kind of love (thank god) and because of that love I can dream, and fight for the things I value in life. Things like sobriety, good health (physical and mental) and economic prosperity. Yes people behind all good deeds, are good women who freely and merrily give up the pussy. Pussy is a mans first and foremost place of refuse, he will do nearly everything and anything for a loving and caring woman.

Man are born from pussy, and it’s pussy that sustains us. Make no mistake about it. If a relationship is not working it’s because either the man is too dumb to know how to make it work, because he knows too little about life, or the woman refuses to love him, and to love means to fuck. She may not always want too or like it, but if she really really loves her man she will do it with a smile.

That my friends is simply how the world works. This is a mans perspective and this is a mans world. It’s a mans world, make no mistake about that too, and every and any good woman will acknowledge this. Why because this is a force of nature and nature cannot be kept in a bottle.

Peace. Whew ! God bless the woman who serves up the pussy with a smile. Which is why even a whore house makes a better home than the home many men are forced to live in everyday with a spouse who does not offer up the pussy like it was the greatest show on earth.
If your not happy, check yourself first to make sure all your boxes are checked off, if they aren’t get them checked off, after you have checked yourself than check your woman. Always check yourself first, because nine times out of ten, the man is missing a few ingredients. This is not only the case with relationships between lovers, but with all people. 90% of the time it’s us not the world that’s wrong but the way we look it. Our attitude shapes our perception.

Why? Cuz this is what I do. I’m a fifty nine year old man, who answers to no one but himself and with myself I’m brutally honest. I’m not a perfect man nor do I have all the answers, but a woman is as close to perfect as life can get, and there is a good start.

Life really is an amazing thing.


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