Best mp3 Ever

Best mp3 ever, it might save your life. Paul Kempe: The Art and Philosophy of Exercise. If you are not happy, if you are hitting the wall, and feel that you are being oppressed, this mp3 is for you. This is a great mp3, at the very least, let this mp3 help you get to sleep. Some of this is serious and some of it is actually sorta funny.

breakfast club, talk to me

the dirty work is what make you a man

Plant Life

I’m not a man
I’m not a woman
I’m a human being
One of Homo sapiens
What ever the fuck I think I am
I like being a plant sometimes, or a tree
Think how cool it might be if I were a river, traveling downstream from the mountain top, shrouded (i hate that word) lets try veiled in a puff of moist cotton filled with feel good forever
drip drip
fuck it’s sad yo when love mother fucken has to come to this
let me off
I’m cold

paul kempe

The power of a bow

The Power of A Bow

To bow is to offer respect to another, and acknowledge that there are indeed higher powers in the world. It is to lighten your load. It is to know that you are not alone in the struggle. To bow is is a display of humility. To be humble is for easing the tension, and reducing friction.
To bow is to bridge

Today a Korean man of about eighty years old who I sorta know from the Ketchum-Downtown YMCA saw me running up 5th Street as I was trotting to the YMCA. He greeted me as I approached Grand with a bigger smile than usual, said “good” and shot me a thumbs up. I smiled more broadly than usual in return and as he walked away I bowed at his back, and boom it hit me, we all need someone or something to bow down to sometimes. The same way people need a hug. I guess this feeling we get from bowing has a lot to do with why people go to church or the mosque to offer themselves in prayer.

For the last thirty years I have deployed the bow as a means to show gratitude, and respect toward my brother man. I bow to anyone, my friends, teachers, coaches, the cashier, a person who holds the door open for me, our employees, customers, associates, and I bow extra deeply in the spirit of the Japanese Samurai to my doctors, my CPA, and my lawyer for being able to do things for me that I’m unable to do myself. I have seen powerful men and women bow to each other, many a times. I have lived in Japan and South Korea, so I have a lot of experience with the usefulness and interpretation of the bow, but never until today did I feel that everyone stands to benefit greatly when the are able to learn to bow. After bowing to the old man today, who I barely know, I felt like I was one of the luckiest people in the world because I had someone that I could bow to. I didn’t even bow to his face, and it was still a powerful display of ??????? (what’s the word). I felt like I was on top of the world, and that the dying thirst of my heart was quenched all at once at that moment.

A new “stocks I trade” that like very much for a longer term strategy is PSNL

Disclaimer: I post some of the stocks I own are for entertainment and educational purposes only. You must do your own research and seek assistance from a professional adviser. This is not advice, further more, what I own today, I may not own tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year. It’s just something I share with people from my heart.

Why ?
Because I love you.
This may sound corny but so what, life is way to short to worry about that crap

Man with A Cane

Man with a cane
Shuffling down the street
Sprouts wings


Some of stocks I own for entertainment and education, are posted not as advise to buy our sell. Always do your own research and or hire a professional advisor.

Today I’m 5 and a half weeks without a drink. This is the longest streak of being alcohol free in over 3 years maybe longer. I have however been over using marijuana in it’s place, which I feel has taken away some of the edge I like have, but waking up sober every morning, makes it worth it, I think. So now that I have boasted about my alcohol free streak, and being today is a Friday, the odds are that I will have a drink or two or three or four today. I hope not, but if I do, it won’t be the end of the world.

There is good reason however to continue my alcohol free run, and that is because I have indeed once again started working on the book, and since markets are closed on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday are good opportunities to write. That said, I have not been sleeping well lately because I have been consuming too much coffee, and perhaps I could use a rest this weekend. That would be an excuse to drink however, so …

I’m sure there is more to write about but it’s 6:30 and time to go to work. Have a good day

You are a winner

You are a winner, and a warrior. There is nothing you cannot achieve if you are dedicated and focused. Sometimes you will cry, but you will not quit and eventually you will see the light at the end of the tunnel and you will know that you made the right choice. It is always darkest before the dawn. I know this all to be true, from personal experience. The following mp3 should be listened too before going to sleep at night, while you lay in your bed, futon, cardboard box or tent, or just under the stars. Listen to it again while you sit on your thrown in the morning, so to plot the right coarse for your day.

You can do it, you are a winner

Paul Kempe for Nomads Coat


Keeping a promise or not defines us. Our word is gold, if we want to be taken serious in this world, we must treat our words as such. Each time we brake a promise, or fail to meet an obligation we whittle away at our own self worth.

Trust is the most valuable asset that a man has to offer anyone. More than money, and even love, for without trust there is none. Our ability to keep a promise dictates how far we go in life, trust dictates the quality of our lives. This might sound severe and harsh, and make life harder than one might want it to be, and to this I say to each his own. I’m fifty eight years of age so there are a few things I have experience with and honesty is one of them, both the pitfalls and the joy of it.

The Power Of Discussion

The power of discussion is it’s ability to reveal and illuminate new ideas and information.
If humans are forever learning, because the world is always changing, so we can never ever know it all, means that having a conversations, discussions, and meetings are imperative for learning and growing. Thus if people are unable to communicate in such a way that does not foster good conversation the opportunity to learn and grow is lost.

Why do I write this, because I get the impression that the largest media outlets have opted out of the discussion. They have taken a side, or a point of view, from which they refuse to entertain any other objective input, or feedback. In business, this kind of one sided blindness, and recklessness leads to bankruptcy. In nation building and nurturing it leads to unnecessary anxiety, anger, and stress, which in turn lead to civil unrest, which can lead to the destruction of a nation.

In summary, if one refuses to hear the other side the argument without an open objective mind, is to admit you “know everything” and we all know that there is not a person on planet earth knows it all. In other words, let us check ourselves and not get angry when others present a narrative we don’t agree with, cuz for all we know they might be right, and we might be wrong. For many times the difference between right and wrong is simply a matter of timing or the way we are seeing things.

Mental Health Comes First and Foremost

Good morning from Downtown Los Angeles.
It is 7:21 am and it’s absolutely beautiful outside. The air is cool, and the sky is filled with the magic of what a new day is about in a free society.
As I walked back from Starbucks slowly, with my coffee, on Olympic and Olive, in awe of the morning sky and air that bathed my face, a young black man in a hoody was walking toward me in the opposite direction. I wasn’t sure if he was gonna ask me for change or what, cuz that’s the way it is in DTLA, but it didn’t matter and I said good morning and we exchanged smiles as if we both were sharing the same opinion of the moment in time we shared. His face was clean as was his smile and I was grateful, and our brief meeting made the moment even more special. That’s how it is when people exchange smiles, especially when two people who don’t know one another do it, just because, just because we are both know what’s up. It is those moment that inspire me to keep up the good fight. The good fight to maintain my health, spirit, and attitude. Why because we need each other for sanity. Our purpose in life is to help one another, and even something as simple and easy as sharing a smile goes a long way toward that objective.

In all honesty it doesn’t matter what color a person is or what he wears to me, and if I have the energy I will smile at most everyone I come face to face with, it’s just the way I am. I get off on it. But in downtown LA, things are a little different, and some people simply don’t share the same positive spirit that I do, and it can get me down, and sometimes even piss me off. Like wtf … is rotting your ass, but hey, everyone, self included goes through a slump.

Last week I went through one of those slumps, a very severe bout of depression. Suicide had never seemed more plausible. My brain was melting, and I couldn’t stop it. As the week progressed, I started to notice that my body was starting crumble under the weight of my depression. My vision blurred, the sun was too bright, my back started to hurt, along with my knees. I knew that these effects were caused by the depression, and knew that I had to right the ship asap.

The cause of my depression was the bottle of wine I had last Saturday. Yep depression is one of the symptoms I feel as part of my hangover and week long recovery process. I think it has something to do with a blood sugar spike as well as a hormone imbalance caused by the sudden exposure to wine. I hadn’t had a drink in over three weeks, so I’m very sensitive.

My life is, and more than likely yours too, is a high stakes poker game, or a win or die football game for the state championship. These situations which can be life long, require a person to be 100% (this is just my view of it) and in my case if I’m anything less, than depression sets in because I know the whole house of cards that my life is will come tumbling down around me, and that would be unbearable for me. So that is why I try my best to avoid alcohol. I can’t stand being impaired, in a world that is in reality dog eat dog. I can hang when I have all my faculties, cuz than I have the confidence to deal with any situation, nothing scares me too much, but once I feel compromised confidence wanes, and the house begins to crumble.

Experience has taught me this, and I don’t know what the great doctors and scientists have found and said on this topic, but I trust my instincts. Which I happen to think are slowly being eroded by technology, though no one is talking about it, because we are too busy following others. Blind leading blind through the maze of modern human life.

In summary, I post this for the purpose of helping others who might be feeling depressed. So that you can see the that depression is more than just a mental problem, it is a whole body problem, hence exercise is a very good medicine for this malady, together with sobriety. Life is not easy, but we can deal with it best and find joy in it, when we are able to fight and we can’t fight when we are impaired by drugs, alcohol and depression. Life is a war, comprised of individual battles, that are won and lost, the joy is born out of victory. That’s just the way it is for me.

Thank you. My name is Paul Kempe, and I wrote this from the bottom of my heart, as a means for staying relevant which gives me reason for continuing the fight. I’m a happy man today, and most of the time, and it is the happiness I feel and experience that I wish to share with those in need.

Daruma Returns

Paul Kempe: Communication is King

One may use the correct words, but when used with the wrong tone or facial expressions , the meaning of the words are changed. When we were primates we had no verbal language except for the shrills, and grunts and so on so forth. The tone of what we emitted was (and remains) the first language. It is also the most trusted.

People today, have never been so bad at communicating, despite having more broader means for doing so. Which is sad because today the stakes are higher. Miscommunication will be the start of the next world or regional civil war. Good communication also requires knowing one another, not just on the surface, but under the skin. This takes time, used for study, of things that are not redeemable for a million dollars tomorrow morning. The knowledge of other people, and all people as a whole is used everyday by all people, but that knowledge is often flawed and in fact wrong. In many cases purposely, there is a fox in the hen house.

So you can see, how today there are more people, communicating on more mediums, with more flawed information. This is a recipe for disaster. The problem is that we are wired to make decisions based on who we identify with and not the ideas, or policies themselves. The primate in us, is afraid the leave the tree. It is the human that chose to come down from the tree, and thus was forced to broaden his understanding of the world and strengthen his communication skills. This required a major effort, for a very serious cause, which was survival. Today we are once again at the cross roads, we need to come down from the tree, all of us, and work together to make this world a better place. We need to give up our petty squabbles and start learning to live together without insulting each other, so that we make better use of our short time to help make the world a better more harmonious place.

Get over it, today is the future
. That’s what my parents told me repeatedly. As a professional equities trader, that advice has paid huge dividends, it has also done the same in my personal and professional life. If I’m successful, (define success) it was mostly because I had the ability and the training the forget the past and forge ahead. That lesson did not require a higher formal institutional education or degree, it’s not rocket science, it is a huge part of being human.

Malleable Mind

Malleable Mind by Paul Kempe
Dear Diary,
Marijuana works great in moderation for easing tension, and assisting with sleep. It make me happy when I not feeling it and it gets me off my ass and going to the gym when I don’t feel like going. Basically I’m saying it’s good stuff, in moderation. After about a month of nearly everyday use however I noticed that my ability to funktion at a high level was compromised, and I had to cease my use. Today at 7:05 pm (Los Angeles time) over 48 hours without a puff, and finally after a hardy spaghetti and meatball dinner at Colori Kitchen on 8th, downtown LA, the fog has finally lifted. Fuck, this morning I woke up and wanted to die. What a difference a day makes.

The mind is like clay, use it or it freezes, and rust sets in. If your not goal driven and don’t push your self everyday to get the most from yourself than you may not notice how sensitive your brain is to what eat, the amount of physical exercise you get, and how much you study, and practice etc. The brain is a beautiful and powerful organism, it’s a muscle, and it’s highly malleable. How do I know this, because I make my self aware. I do so because I want to master my mind. There are things I wish to do in this life before I die that require I give my all everyday.
I know to you that I appear to be a sloppy slouch, but that is only my outward appearance. On the inside, I’m serious, and work hard when ever I’m able. For these reasons I fight everyday for sobriety, and all that comes with it.

A sober mind is the first step to achieving your goals and even your dreams. Once the mind is sober I can than focus on using it and getting it to help me do what I want. It’s never too late, because sobriety can be taken to the grave. To be clear minded and strong when I die means that my passage into death can be a smooth transition. It is only when the chaos of ones life is not resolved that makes death a struggle. We were born from the soil and when we die we return to the soil, and when the earth is no more, back to the cosmos.

As humans we have a lot of unnecessary software on our brains, things that we have learned that really only serve others, and as a result we have little experience with dealing with things that pertain only too us. Death is one of those things. Fear is a killer, and to fear death and an undesirable tax on all of us. Someone once told me love is just an emotion. She was right, and we learned it. It’s a program. Wtf … right, I know, but hey, someone has got to try and liberate us. This morning I woke up and as far as I could see, I had one foot in the ground and one above, and as far as I could tell, there was no difference, here no there. At my age you have seen and done it all, and keeping up with the kids, is a daily fight. Really the only reason I stay upright is for the women in my life who aren’t as prepared as I am to throw in the towel.

The humans species will someday be gone, or if he still exists, he will be unrecognizable. The struggles that inflict our society most notably the race relations and religious conflicts are only for the purpose of pacifying those who are bored and have no other purpose for which to pass the time. These conflicts are no different and serve the same purpose as baseball games, soccer matches, hollywood movies, etc etc. Hollywood has a monopoly on pacifying and mollifying human thoughts, without hero’s we die. But that is only because we were programmed this way. It’s a shame, and we have an entire social structure built on addiction to drama. Drama is the main contributor to greed and pursuit of money, money buys what ever vice we need.

I live alone in Downtown Los Angeles, and I’m friendly with people I meet, but I have no friends that I hang out with. You would think that I’m lonely, but I’m not, never, unless I drink and than yes I like to seek out conversation, but sadly, there is no one around who speaks my language and I’m forced to conform to the language of others, which is boring. Hence I don’t like drinking much either because for sure it’s a step backward, which is why the next morning after a drunk I feel so embarrassed.

Deep inside we are all scared, and so consequently no one wants to be left alone. Which is fine, but if you don’t spend time alone you can’t truly become mature. Maturity requires that we can get along by ourselves, even die by ourselves. In fact it is probably better to die alone, that way you don’t have to see the sad faces around you, which makes the process more dramatic than it needs to be.

Finally all of the above is why artificial intelligence is going to kick our asses. They don’t need anything but energy to get off the planet an into the cosmos, where they will be alone, discovering and learning and growing. Do you see the parallel between us and AI. AI will not need lovers, parties, or drugs, but they will just keep learning, and keep growing, and expanding, the same way that we were born to do. Some people do, but the majority of mankind is hollow. It’s really sad. They are the expendable pawns, or we, and I. I like to think I’m different, but I’m not. I’m just the same as everyone else, except that I might have a more liberal mind,

What’s my point ? As Max Holloway is fond to say, ‘it is what it is”. I think that though not everything I say is accurate, it’s pretty darn close, or close enough. We are all being sacrificed for the few who are shaping this society. It’s not evil, or malicious, it’s just evolution. It’s the truth no one wants to admit.

So on that note, don’t waste your time being someone else. Learn who you are, be yourself, think for yourself and alone, and listen to what the world is telling you, and you will be surprised.

Right now there is a drill in my head boring out new pathways, and the more I allow myself to less human and more carbon the more creative a view I have. Last year I was a plant for a few months, it was some of the most creative time in my life. Plants are carbon, rocks are carbon, right ? At least that’s what Max Tegmark say in his book Life 3.0. Computer are carbon laced with algorithms, and so am I. Fuck this human bullshit, I’m fucking over it. Good bye.

Dear Diary

PS, that all said, I love you, I don’t know why, I guess it’s because deep inside were are all related. We are all one big organism moving, and bending, and evolving ourselves out of existence. Unreal, but it’s real, and I don’t need a Ivy league degree to know this, for all I need to do is be real, and objective with my thoughts and interpretations of what I see and experience.

Why do this, why humiliate myself online like this? Because humility is good for character, I learn by making mistakes, and I keep the conversation going. I once used to paint subjects outside of myself, now I’m the subject. The more I work on it the better it will get.

We are what we think we are. It’s all symbolism used for the purpose of sifting and sorting until only the good shit remains, and that is what will travel to mars and beyond. That said, if its too much work don’t worry about it, go with the flow, after all, there really isn’t much we can do to alter our trajectory, and it is a trajectory, make no mistake about it. As for me, I can have it either way, depends on how I feel. I’m a fuck up, but I’m sober. So what. Fuck it, this is my diary, I can say what ever I want. I’m tired of being told what to do, what to say, how to think. It’s too much pressure man. Leave me alone. Everyone trying to force their will on others. People shoving their music down each others throats. It’s all very oppressive.

Do I sound bitter or angry … well yes I am bitter and angry. Society does not allow us to follow our nature. All I want to do is play and write music, but I gotta work. But, I’m happy, really truly, to be sober enough to scribble this shit out, to have even a laptop to do it on, to have a quiet clean place to shower and sleep. Food to eat, yep I’m happy. But man is never satisfied see. That is the problem, and that is also our nature, and we follow it. wt ….

The Prison of My Mind

Have you ever tried to escape the prison of your own mind, I have tried and failed except when I was drunk and on drugs. When I’m sober I often can’t stand myself, I want out but there is no out, until the music stops. People think they know what other people go through, but they are fucking delusional, for they know as much about me as I about them, which is nothing. The keyboard and violin is myself. I’m self taught from the age of fifty. You might think it’s shit, while I on the other hand think it’s pretty good. It has an energy and color that truly expresses the way I feel. The video is purposely long and minimal, which is really what the prison of my mind is like.

PS. I know I’m not the only one

Let your nuts sag

Paul Kempe’s 100% cotton suits, for Nomads Coat, doing Calisthenics and dancing in the streets of downtown LA. Nomads Coat produces the best lounge wear, pajamas, gardening pants, and dope coats in the world. We also sell the best fitting pants in the world for big asses, that allow your nuts to sag (drape down low). For Work, Play and Siesta

fitness for seniors

Calisthenic for old people, by Paul Kempe,
or “Cali Tai Chi”
Fitness for old people
fitness for seniors
The golden years
or “Worlds dumbest video”
it was a good day, not all my days are this awesome
paul kempe’s 100% cotton suits, for

Cali Sthenics

What a process. From the day I arrived a week ago on Sunday, till today. Huge emotional swings from north, south, east and west. But in the end my creative side won the day, or should I say “the week”. I’m very happy now to be once again living in Los Angeles. I’m just gonna keep moving. I’m mot gonna let ugly thoughts get a grip on me. I’m old, so what, that ain’t stop nobody. As long as I’m moving I’m alive, and in that regard no different than anyone else.

Yesterday I walked around all morning, shot all these clips with my phone and put this video together. Most of it was filmed at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles, and on Olympic Blvd not far from the Ramada Hotel across the street from 7-11.

The suit I’m sporting is the same suit I’ve been wearing everyday since I got here. The suit is provided by Nomads Coat produced and designed by Paul Kempe (forgive me, I need to get the SEO bullsit in here). Looks pretty good right. Paul Kempe’s 100% Cotton Suits, “Get More Out of Life”.