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Love is A Promise

Love is A Promise by Paul Kempe

This is a beat that I have worked on for a while off and on, and today I put these lyrics to it. “Love is A Promise” is a song about true love

Live No Scrimmage

My paintings are once again showing at the Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles on Spring St.

Gotta see them live at the gallery to see the quality of the work. They are pretty cool, for real.

Paper Wife on Pills

paul kempe art
Paper Wife on Pills 84 x 60 inch mixed media on canvas 2018 by Paul Kempe

The wife stays home, she’s quite nimble. She cleans the house, raises the children, and is forgotten by the whoring man who goes to work everyday at the boys club. Or it’s a wife you have that you don’t live with anymore, that refuses a divorce. She likes sake and sushi. It could be anyone. Whatever the case, it’s sad.