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The Prison of My Mind

Have you ever tried to escape the prison of your own mind, I have tried and failed except when I was drunk and on drugs. When I’m sober I often can’t stand myself, I want out but there is no out, until the music stops. People think they know what other people go through, but they are fucking delusional, for… Read more →

Let your nuts sag

Paul Kempe’s 100% cotton suits, for Nomads Coat, doing Calisthenics and dancing in the streets of downtown LA. Nomads Coat produces the best lounge wear, pajamas, gardening pants, and dope coats in the world. We also sell the best fitting pants in the world for big asses, that allow your nuts to sag (drape down low). For Work, Play and… Read more →

Marking time on the stoop

guitar, keyboard, and voice by paul kempe. marking time on the stoop. it’s dumb but the music is getting better. this shit is useless I know, that’s why I seldom post anymore. I gotta start doing some serious work, but who the hell wants to be so serious when life is so short. just wanna have fun. Read more →

Cali Sthenics

What a process. From the day I arrived a week ago on Sunday, till today. Huge emotional swings from north, south, east and west. But in the end my creative side won the day, or should I say “the week”. I’m very happy now to be once again living in Los Angeles. I’m just gonna keep moving. I’m mot gonna… Read more →

Musical blog for Feb, 7 2019

It’s practice stuff, on some things I been working on for the last few hours. Don’t play it too loud. Think of it as background noise to drown out noise that’s buggin you. Perfect for insomniacs who are tired of ruminating. The guitar work on the last piece is real bad, and I could have chopped that segment out but… Read more →

What’s Your Name

What’s Your Name?Alpha female was the first impression I had when I first saw Grace standing outside Amy’s Bar, where she works on Hotel Street, smoking a cigarette as the sun began to descend upon what’s left of downtown Honolulu’s historic red light district. Her body language was carefree, confident, and content, the cigarette more a prop then a vice.… Read more →

Let It Go

let it go let it go let it go let it go or let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go ? What ever the case “let it go”. Let go of fear, be brave, and you will be free. You can go to church, meditate, and practice yoga till… Read more →