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3 day fast journal

They Said I Couldn’t Do It . Outline

3 day fast journal. I feel great. Who cares? No one. I know, but blogging on the internet is like a dog pissing on trees, “chik chik “.  ) I’m using the audio for this blog entry. Everything I feel, and think about today is in it. Except that I don’t think I can make day 5, at least at this moment, cuz I’m really starting to feel hungry, but they say after day three it gets easier so … We shall see.

One thing I have concluded so far, and thought as much on other shorter fasts, is that eating is more a habit than a necessity these days, at least in my case, and judging by the looks of a lot of people I’m not the only one.

Peace have a great day !

White Pants and Coat 100% Cotton by Paul Kempe
Sober Now ! Jan 19, 2019 (2 weeks and 2 days) White Pants and Coat 100% Cotton by Paul Kempe https://paulkempeapparel.com/

I like to wear white when I’m clean and sober, it give me a zen feeling. If you are interested in buying my products, contact me and I will hook you up.

Last Night I had A Dream

Last night I had a Dream by Paul Kempe

Last night I had a dream, a dream about you, and me.
by Paul Kempe, on piano and guitar from my album Reachin and Feelin. 
This is something I been working on for a couple days. It’s still not ready but there are some nice licks in it that I like, that I’m willing to share with anyone who is interested in what Paul Kempe stands for and what rhythms float around in my head as a walk around on this planet we dubbed earth.

Everyday Life

everyday life by paul kempe from his album reaching and feeling

“I battle every day, looking for the means to survive, assembling all the pieces of my mind”. About three years ago, this is one of the first songs I ever wrote. It’s a song that I sing for those in need of healing. It’s a recipe for depression I use myself whenever things get ruff, the tuff get going. You know we peasants we gotta stick together. Peasant love. Fuck what other people think, find your passion and stay with it. Don’t chase the money, money will follow you, because money follows hard work, and originality. And if by chance the money doesn’t find you, so what true happiness is good mental and physical health, take care of that and you will be surprised how well things turn out. Amazing science. Always reaching and feeling baby, till I die.