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Paul Kempe: Walking Music

Paul Kempe, walking music, tai chi music December 22, 2019

Paul Kempe, Walking Music.
I create the music in the morning while drinking my Starbucks Dopio Espresso, and when I’m done, I go outside for a walk with my headset on, and dance in the streets. It’s so cool, I have so much fun, it should almost be a crime. If you don’t wanna use this for your walking or you tai chi, you can use it to help you get to sleep.
Today’s music is some of the best I ever did, on the piano (keyboard).
It’s therapeutic.

Babies cry with all they’re might. A Chinese Uber driver shared that with me last night. I had never heard it put to me that way before, but indeed that’s what babies do then they cry. He said his two year old is addicted to YouTube. She likes watching other babies. He said his one year old can also use a phone and navigate to YouTube. Amazing.

I still think meditation is the biggest scam going. It is totally fucking impossible to stop thinking, and feeling unless you fucking passed out from too much booze and drugs. But it is nice to slow down enough to feel the enviroment hum around you, and to feel yourself purr like a kitty cat under a ray or winter morning sun, while drinking a coffee.
I have never meditated a minute in my life, and I’m one of the happiest healthiest people on the planet. I’m 59.

Babies cry with all they’re might. So true, like the tree seedling sprouting through the crust of the earth. It’s a matter of survival.

What else is there, that I was thinking about this week. Oh yeah, sobriety rocks, but sometimes it’s boring. Gotta push through those moments, and then your Ok again until the next doldrums.

Recently I have been paying more attention to the sky, and taking note of the different looks throughout the day.

I notice that very few people look at the sky. They stand at a traffic signal waiting for the walk sign, staring straight ahead thinking of what ? Seems like brainwash syndrome. Everyone is programmed to focus on what other people do.
I hear people say that people are social creatures and need other people, but the more I think about it, the more I think it’s just a cliche. We were taught to believe we are social animals. Sure a small tribe would be helpful on the the Steppe while traveling, but in today’s day and age, fuck we have everything we fucking need at our fingertips.
Perhaps we are just waaaaaaay moooorreee social than we need to be, how about them apples.

Babies cry with all they’re might.
I love it. Babies are cool.

Oh yeah, if you live in Los Angeles, you are free to wear black. Like fucking come here just so you can wear black everyday, everywhere.

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